Power-Play Over Our Desires & Resources – Oct 1

Tuesday, Oct 1, EST

At 12:18am Venus at 20:38 Libra Squares Pluto Rx at 20:38 Capricorn.

This energy is being felt all day on Monday as Venus applies to her Square to Pluto who is sitting still in the heavens preparing for his Direct Station that exacts on Thursday at 2:39am at 20:38 Capricorn. Pluto Rx is a lessened effect around our misuse of power and authority, once Direct, he will be full-force, transforming energy. He destroys before he rebuilds. Venus meeting with Pluto brings in our 2 Money energies: my money and your money or your money and their money. In a Square, you can bet that someone is holding back on you. If you are looking for a payment of some sort, you may have to wait until Tuesday when the energy is separating. The Square makes it a power-play even though Venus will retain her diplomatic approach. It won’t be enough to soothe Pluto for the time being. What you desire may not be easily forthcoming. In a relationship situation (the Square is 3D as are relationships for the most part) money is causing a challenge. In a relating-ship situation, you may not enjoy a night of intimate sharing so you will just have to move through it gracefully and lower your expectations so you won’t be disappointed. Disappointment feeds Pluto in Capricorn who likes to control the purse-strings and will manipulate you using their money and power.

Venus will try to use her ‘Referent Power’

But it is nothing but a thing if you respond to the energy in a 5D way. Venus is being too polite and so Pluto is easily manipulating her knowing that she will not raise her voice at him. Its just the energy.

Mercury moved through this Square on Thursday, Sep 26, so there is likely a connection to things you heard that day that will be reflected via money/resources or desires and intimacy. Its better that Venus meets Pluto while he is still Retrograde than when he is Direct.

Venus will have more success with her desires by Wednesday as she Biquintiles Neptune.

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