Saturn, the Nodes & the New Moon in Libra – Sep 27/28

Friday, Sep 27, EST

At 8:20pm Mars at 26:02pm Virgo Quintiled the North Node at 14:02 Cancer.

This aspect has already exacted as I write this, but you may have felt quite at home in service to others tonight. Or your actions were effortless and hit just the right mark with family or those you nurture as family.

At 10:50pm Venus at 16:49 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 16:49 Pisces.

Your desires to relate will require some subconscious adjustment to bring about the balance and reciprocity. Either you need to reciprocate and have some fear around doing so, or someone else does. It will take some adjustment to reach out and touch the one you want to relate to.

Saturday, Sep 28

At 2:21am Saturn at 13:59 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 13:59 Cancer.

This aspect has been in orb for several days and will be bringing some contrast front and center for you. How our your career structures being balanced with family needs? Have you had to work through this issue before? Can you feel the depth that is involved here as Saturn exacts a Conjunction with the South Node echoing back to previous and other lifetimes and the Karma attached here. Is your career draining you? How is your back holding up? Are the structures in your life a challenge right now? It is best to be looking at the House where you have 13+ Cancer right now as that is where the best energy should be focused. Letting go of some public reputation or career goals in the House where you have 13+ Capricorn is the ticket.

At 6:26am Mercury at 22:49 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 16:49 Pisces.

Now our conversations with partner and close friends becomes effortless and creates a magical ease in every way. We are balanced in what we are communicating and we are reciprocating effortlessly and it doesn’t get much better than this.

At 2:26pm the Moon at 5:20 Libra Conjuncts the Sun at 5:20 Libra creating the New Moon in Libra.

This is our annual ‘fresh start’ in the Sign of relationships, relating-ships, serenity, reciprocity and diplomacy. For the next 30 days or so we will be wanting to talk and find our way into a relating-ship if we don’t have one. Look to the House where you have 5+ Libra to see WHO you will be wanting to talkrius. to and what you might be talking about. Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign so initiating conversation is a natural product of this New Moon. If you don’t have it in your chart to relate to another, then just find some balanced quiet that you can relax into and enjoy.

At 7:40pm Venus at 17:55 Libra Sextiles Jupiter at 17:55 Sagittarius.

Relating to a senior, foreigner, college student or talking to someone at a distance would be possible now. It is likely you might bring up some global perspectives or spiritual philosophy. Your desires are balanced and optimistic. It is a great night to talk to someone who feeds your brain.

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