Expressing the Jupiter/Neptune Squares – Sep 24

Tuesday, Sep 24, EST

At 9:57am Mercury at 16:55 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 16:55 Pisces.

Libra energy is superficial. Everything has to look good on the surface. Don’t look beneath it. But Pisces energy is very deep and often remains hidden until aspected in some way. Mercury is the part of the iceberg that is above the surface of the water, so in this way, Mercury and Libra have some affinity. But when encountering Neptune and Pisces, the veneer of the surface can see a crack appearing. There is something you haven’t addressed just can’t stay hidden right now. You may suddenly have something pop into your conversation with a close friend or partner that doesn’t really seem to fit into Libra’s concept of diplomacy and refined behavior. Once it is seen on the surface, you will need to adjust yourself accordingly. Make any apology you must in order to restore the serenity Libra craves.

At 5:00pm Mercury at 17:23 Libra Sextiles Jupiter at 17:23 Sagittarius.

Mercury will be applying to Jupiter already as the above social gaffe is encountered. Jupiter in a Sextile here can be very helpful to you finding the right words to mend any fissures from the previous aspect. You may suddenly find yourself talking about what occurred earlier in some philosophical way making it a ‘teachable moment.’ Or you could have a mentor come to your rescue and offer some advice to put things in the proper perspective. Jupiter and Sagittarius is where we can see both sides of an argument and seek a higher ground for viewing the duality of Mercury’s Karmic ways. Use this energy to put things back on track if necessary. And make a mental note of what get spoken tonight as it will be someone expressing a new spiritual philosophy that resonates with us all.

As Mercury meets both Neptune and Jupiter today as they are separating from their 3rd Square, you could have some great insight into all that escapist behavior you have been encountering over the last year. You could see ways to bring more balance into your life by using Jupiter’s Higher Consciousness to keep your head above water when Neptune seeks to drag you into his depths where you may not be so successful navigating through his morphing energies.

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