Jupiter Tridecile Chiron – Sep 15/16

Sunday, Sep 15, EST

At 3:30am the Moon in Aries Conjunct Chiron and began Opposing Mercury ahead of Mercury exacting the Opposition on Monday (see below). You could feel some of what that upcoming aspect is about.

Throughout the day on Sunday the Moon will Square Saturn Rx, the Nodes of Fate and Pluto providing more intuition about what is going on here with the last Solar Eclipse and our past-life Karma of Saturn Conjunct the South Node.

Monday, Sep 16

By Monday we are just 2 days from Saturn’s Direct Station at 13:55 Capricorn. Once Saturn is in direct motion again, we will have the final structures put in place for our career and public authority/reputation for areas of life involving 0-20 Capricorn. You find yourself strongly focused on something right now as he Stations.

Over the weekend Jupiter was applying to a Tridecile (108 degree) aspect to Chiron. It is a quasi-magical aspect of mental growth and unfolding consciousness. A very helpful aspect as Mercury Opposes Chiron Rx. We can see a bit of what this aspect offered us as Mercury expresses it on Monday.

At 12:55pm Mercury at 4:07 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 4:07 Aries.

It may be painful initiating conversation this morning or taking the action you need to take to be balanced and to reciprocate with friends. You may not respond so quickly to texts and words could bring up some pain. Remember this is just your Soul providing an experience and you will move through it. It IS what it is. Venus will make this same aspect tomorrow and will offer some healing. The magical aspect Mercury is applying to now may also provide some great help in letting any painful words just roll off your back.

At 5:54pm Mercury at 4:28 Libra Quintiles Jupiter at 16:28 Sagittarius.

Its a magical time to relate to seniors or foreigners. Or you could find it effortless to express your new spiritual philosophy with friends or a partner. Though separating now, Jupiter is still in orb of a Tridecile to Chiron Rx so once you begin expressing your higher consciousness ideas, you will enjoy some very Soulful ease of any pain from earlier. This aspect between Jupiter and Chiron which exacted a few days ago will be expressed now so pay attention. There is something very significant being said here. How does it help you build better relationships with people who are not exactly like yourself? That could be part of the magic here.

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