How Big is YOUR Family? Sep 10

Tuesday, Sep 10, EST

At 3:24am the Sun at 17:18 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 17:18 Pisces.

There is a contrast here between what you see in the physical realm and what you sense in the hidden realm. Virgo externalizes Pisces so what is seen shows something about what is hidden in our collective unconscious. Can you see what subconscious motivations are causing you to work the way you do? Is there fear involved? Neptune is dissolving somethings in the area of your life where you have 17+ Pisces. The Sun can reveal to you what Neptune is doing. The Sun acts like a fog light allowing us to see what Neptune is doing. The Sun is following Venus and Mercury through this aspect so it should be very clarifying around our daily routine, work, health, fitness and service.

At 7:27pm Jupiter at 15:53 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 15:53 Cancer.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and grandparents/seniors, mentors, college students, pastors and foreigners. How do you fit these people into your sense of family? Are you having to adjust family situations in order to care for an elderly member? Or do you need to adjust your sense of family to align with a more global perspective like adoption, mixing cultures or spiritual philosophies? That is exactly what this aspect is about. ‘Family’ can extend beyond blood lines and Jupiter is going to challenge you to keep family who live far away on your radar as well. If we face the whole world as though they are family then we can’t help but have a spiritual philosophy that meets the Soulful needs of the North Node in Cancer and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

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