Less Fun & More Work? – Aug 21

Wednesday, Aug 21, EST

At 4:26am Mercury at 14:32 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 14:23 Capricorn.

There is an adjustment needed between yourself and another. Mercury is planning fun and expressing himself romantically, but Saturn is holding him to keeping things above board so that is doesn’t affect his career objectives and social status. If children are involved here, then the father-type is making sure you are being response-able in your words and plans.

At 5:06am Venus Ingresses Virgo.

We will suddenly find ourselves desiring health and fitness goals rather than the fun pursuits of the last month. We will be putting our money into service of others, duty, volunteering and staying busy or getting organized. There is a reason this is the ‘Back to School’ season and we all get back to working rather than playing.

At 6:05am Mercury at 14:40 Virgo Trines Jupiter at 14:40 Sagittarius.

Though Saturn demanded an adjustment to our plans, Jupiter is the philosopher saying that its good to bring more fun into your life and we should enjoy ourselves while we can. Fun increases our optimism and Jupiter is all about that. So you and that other person are likely to find ways to have more fun even while you are keeping your eye on your public reputation and career status.

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