Rolling Finger of Merlin – Aug 20

Tuesday, Aug 20, EST

The first 2 aspects are part of Venus and the Sun moving through a rolling Finger of Merlin with Chiron and Pluto who are in a Quintile to each other.

At 5:01am the Sun at 27:04 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 21:04 Capricorn.

On Sunday Venus Biquintiled Pluto and brought us some effortless energy at round our desires for romance and fun and the resources needed to engage in the fun. Or you may have found that an authority type offered to assist you if you both pool your resources around children, creativity or romance. Now we have the clarity to see what was really occurring on Sunday. We can set some goals to have more fun with any extra resources that might have been made available.

At 1:24pm Venus at 29:11 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 5:11 Aries.

Venus has been moving through the Finger of Merlin and now exacting the magical aspect to Chiron. We are able to initiate some actions towards more fun and to follow our desires here. Venus and the Biquintile are offering some healing around any insecurity we have felt about initiating things. Or we may have the motivation to follow-through with our desires if lack of motivation has been a problem.

At 7:50pm Mars at 1:45 Virgo Semi-Squares the North Node at 16:45 Cancer.

Our motivation to get things done, to serve or pursue fitness objectives may irritate our sense of a need to care for family, mom, home or land. Yes, its getting to be time to let the fun of summer go, but we still need to keep our focus on family for now. Mars wants to get through his ‘to-do’ list, but nurturing and caring is being called for.

At 8:14pm Venus at 29:32 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 14:32 Capricorn.

While our fun may get the nod to curtail it a bit so that we are mindful of our public reputation, once we do this there is an ease. You knew the fun had to be reigned in a bit and this aspect will do that quite efficiently for us. By Wednesday Venus will join Mars in Virgo and we will all desire to serve and be motivated to do so. This aspect can cause us to wrap up the summer romance and prepare to dig into our career goals.

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