Clarifying Desires & Values – Aug 13/14

From Tuesday through Wednesday Venus is applying to Conjunct the Sun in Leo. They are making the same aspects to the Outer Planets: Saturn and Pluto. It will be hard to distinguish between the aspects they are making so the beauty is that together the Sun and Venus are clarifying our desires, values, love and touch. As well as how we can use our own resources to serve our Leo purposes.

Tuesday, Aug 13, EST

At 6:46am the Sun at 20:25 Leo Ses-Squared Chiron Rx at 5:25 Aries.

Some clarifying adjustment that created an ease in our ability to assert ourselves in a fun, flirtatious or creative way.

At 11:00am Venus at 20:24 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 5:24 Aries.

Now our desires need to be adjusted using the clarity from the Sun’s aspect so that we can more easily initiate some touch to go with our romantic fun, love of children or creative ideas.

At 11:35am the Moon Ingresses Aquarius and we begin to sense the Full Moon building. It will exact at 22:24 Leo at 8:29am EST on Thursday, Aug 15.

At 3:26pm Mars at 27:12 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 21:12 Capricorn.

A double-magic aspect between our pursuit of fun and romance and our benefactor who may be underwriting our romantic plans. Or our intimate partner who is normally very cautious and careful (Pluto in Capricorn) could be the one initiating some fun for a change.

At 6:24pm the Sun at 20:53 Leo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 14:53 Capricorn.

Still more assistance in knowing what fun, romance or creative venture we want to pursue that could effortlessly assist us with some of our career goals. It never hurts to wine and dine an authority type and this may be just what is called for now. Or you could see how being more carefree about our purpose helps you to cement a career goal.

Wednesday, Aug 14

At 8:03pm Venus at 20:53 Leo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 14:53 Capricorn.

Now we are talking putting our resources to work here in order to use some playful ways to further our career and social status. Our beauty and values around fun may be just the ticket to move our career objectives forward.

At 2:06am Mercury at 3:01 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:01 Pisces.

Bringing up the rear, Mercury is now going to be expressing all of the actions, goals and desires the other Personal Planets have been bringing to us as they’ve Transited through Leo. Mercury can deliver the contracts or expressed agreements around our earlier facets of fun, romance, creativity and children. In this aspect to Neptune, Mercury is adjusting himself for more subconscious success in these areas. Let go of some fear and begin to express and plan more fun.

At 2:07am the Sun at 21:11 Leo Conjuncts Venus at 21:11 Leo.

Now our goals and desires for all things Leo (fun, entertainment, creativity, children and romance) are in total sync. We can get very clear about the purpose of touch and love merging with Leo areas of life and we can SEE what we truly VALUE here.

At 2:08am the Sun and Venus at 21:11 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 21:11 Capricorn.

Even as we get clear about the Leo areas of life, we are already in adjustment mode to Pluto. How do we use our own resources for fun if we are sharing resources with another that is not included in that fun? For example, you may be treating the kids to a really great time, but what is their father going to think about it especially if you are not together anymore or for the moment? This the type of adjustment necessary. Or, yes, women are pursuing fun, but it may look rather flirtatious to their intimate partner and so there is an adjustment to be made here.

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