Unexpected Desires – Aug 2

Friday, Aug 2, EST

At 6:00am Venus at 6:34 Leo Squares Uranus Rx at 6:34 Taurus.

Unexpected desires, surprising creativity, inspirational ways to acquire resources, unexpected romantic touch. You get the idea. Well, actually it is likely to come through your throat chakra as you voice your changed, newly-acquired desires. A Square can be jarring desires that break you out of a rut you didn’t know you needed to be free from. Uranus wants freedom and that can occur via your changed desires shaking up something that is typically very stable in your life. Use the revelation to see how your desires NEEDED to change.

At 9:20am the Moon Ingresses Virgo. Our intuition will be centered around health, daily activities, hygiene, service, duty, volunteering, etc. for the next few days.

At 12:00pm Mercury crosses 24:00 Cancer the degree of the Jul 16 Lunar Eclipse.

This is the final say of what was eclipsed from your life on Jul 16. You will speak about what happened at that time and be able to see it more clearly.

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