New Moon in Leo – Jul 31/Aug 1

Wednesday, Jul 31, EST

At 11:12pm the Moon at 8:37 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 8:37 Leo creating the New Moon in Leo.

This puts our feelings and intuition (hidden side) in touch with our ego and goals (public side) allowing us to set new goals for the month ahead. Today as the Moon applies to the Sun we are starting to see how we feel about what is ahead and how our feelings are being brought into that alignment. A New Moon in Leo creates an annual ‘fresh start’ in the area of our lives revolving around children, romance, fun, entertainment and creativity. Look at the House where this New Moon falls in your own chart to see what will be getting the ‘go-ahead’ to focus on for the next month and especially through til the Full Moon at 22:24 Aquarius/Leo on Aug 15.

At 11:58pm Mercury at 23:57 Cancer Stations Direct.

If you have been indecisive over the last few days, Mercury’s Station is the likely result. He will now begin moving forward slowly for a few days making his final pass from 23:57 Cancer to 4:28 Leo where he Stationed Retrograde on Jul 7. How have your plans, ideas and communication changed while Mercury was Retrograde? During his Retrograde phase ‘ghosts of the past’ can come up and help you discern what your conscious thoughts are about these areas (Cancer/Leo) of your life. Mercury is labeled ‘the trickster’ because he is so double-minded especially during his Retrograde cycle.

Thursday, Aug 1

At 12:58pm Venus at 5:42 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 5:42 Aries.

Your desires for fun and romance will be well supported by your ability to initiate action as this Trine will heal any insecurity or lack of motivation. Or ‘use it!’ Some healing touch is another possibility here that can be applied to children and romantic partners. On Friday morning Venus will Square Uranus and will be in orb as she Trines Chiron so there can be some Soul Awareness energy coming through that guides your desires and values around fun and romance.

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