Summer Loving Happened So Fast – Jul 27

Saturday, Jul 27, EST

At 6:41pm Venus at 29:50 Cancer Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 14:50 Capricorn.

The 2 Healing Planets in an aspect that requires an adjustment to create an ease. There is nothing much to adjust here except perhaps to be more open about your feelings as Cancer likes to keep these hidden securely away. Showing your feelings could result in a great ease that heals many things between you and another. That other may be a grandparent, a mentor, foreigner, college student, etc. Or you could be that person and Venus is a mothering type that brings some healing touch. There is optimism, beauty and refined higher consciousness so this is likely to be a very nice evening.

At 9:54pm Venus Ingresses Leo.

Now girls will go from nurturing to just wanting to have fun. But we each have a Venus and we each feel her Transits so with both Mars and Venus in Leo for the next month we can expect us all to be having more fun, being more romantic and active with children. Nothing demonstrates this energy better than the video from ‘Grease.’

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