Subconscious Clarity & Stop Acting Like a Child – Jul 26

Friday, Jul 26, EST

At 12:27pm the Sun at 3:24 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:24 Pisces.

An adjustment that creates an ease. This adjustment is will be caused by the clarity the Sun reveals around what Neptune is dissolving through his shroud of mist and fog. The Sun in Leo is showing us something around children, entertainment, romance and creativity and any hesitation we might have around these areas of our lives is hidden in our subconscious mind. The Sun reveals the subconscious fear and allows us to let it go creating the ease that is possible with the Ses-Square. Look to the Houses where you have these 2 Planets Transiting in your Natal Chart to see WHO else might be involved and any additional areas of your lives being affected.

At 10:41pm Mars at 15;58 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 15:58 Capricorn.

Here our ‘go’ and ‘stop’ energy is making an adjustment. Mars is pursuing fun and romance, but Saturn is giving him some father-like attitude to say, “Be careful how far you go, as your reputation and social status are on the line.” Mars is Leo is likely acting like a child and Saturn says, “Remember that you are a grown up and other people are depending on you.” Its that kind of energy.

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