Words of Love & Sweeping Romantic Gestures – Jul 24/25

Wednesday, Jul 24, EST

At 8:26pm Mercury Rx at 26:14 Cancer Conjuncts Venus at 26:14 Cancer.

Communicating your desires and love to family members or others shown by the House in your Natal chart where you have 26+ Cancer. Your words can be beautiful though secretive as Cancers tend to like. You may find yourself expressing some revised desires with Mercury reviewing his first pass across this degree on Jun 23, especially if this degree hits a Planet or Point in your Natal Chart. Are you able to finalize your plans to beautify your home? Or will you schedule an appointment for your mom to have a massage? Might be a nice idea!

Thursday, Jul 25

At 8:22am Mars at 14:57 Leo Trines Jupiter Rx at 14:57 Sagittarius.

Big, gallant actions that could hit the right mark. You have big creative visions you can act upon. Or men will be all about romancing you off to far away places. Or your own motivation for fun could have you jetting off somewhere far away from home. You could book a vacay on the spur of the moment. Or you may simply decide to treat the kids to a trip to see their grandparents. There are many ways this can play out. Can you spot this aspect when it exacts in your chart?

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