Higher-Minded Clarity & More – Jul 10/11

Wednesday, Jul 10, EST

About 5:50am the Moon Ingresses Scorpio bringing us intuition and feelings around intimacy and shared resources.

Yesterday the Sun Opposed Saturn and Conjunct the North Node. On Wednesday and Thursday the Sun will continue to bring clarity by aspecting Uranus and Neptune, 2 of our 3 Higher Minded Planets. On Thursday Mars moves into a Soul Awareness style 3-way aspect.

At 1:40pm the Sun at 18:11 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 6:11 Taurus.

Magical and effortless clarifying revelation around ways to earn a living from home, beautifying the home, providing for mom using our own resources or obtaining some charity on behalf of family matters. Look to the Houses where you have these 2 Planets to see how this aspect affects you personally.

It just so happens that my Natal Mars is at 18:39 Cancer and I have had the North Node Conjunct, Jupiter Quincunx, Saturn Opposing, Neptune Trining and Uranus now in orb of a magical aspect. All I can say is this clarity should be most helpful because all of this Soulful and Higher Mind energy has been spinning in circles waiting to get out of the gate doing something productive;)

At 3:20pm the Moon at 5:37 Scorpio Squares Mars at 5:37 Leo.

The Moon is going to create a rolling T-Square to Mars and Uranus (see aspect below) that could show you something about tomorrow’s Square from Mars to Uranus. You could have some intuition about your actions that might trip you up tomorrow as you continue to pursue fun.

At 4:22pm the Moon at 6:12 Scorpio Opposes Uranus at 6:12 Taurus.

You may have some idea of your feelings regarding new ideas for earning a living or merging your resources with a group or an intimate partner.

Thursday, Jul 11

At 12:31am the Sun at 18:38 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 18:38 Pisces.

Now this is deep, subconscious clarity around what is happening regarding mom, home, family and land matters. Neptune is supporting our goal-making as the Sun clearly sees what needs to be done and starts to work on realizing these goals. For the moment, Uranus and Neptune are slightly out of orb of their Semi-Square so the irritation between them is subsided right now which will be helpful in setting the goals we see as necessary.

At 3:29am Mars at 5:56 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 5:56 Aries.

This Trine will be very beneficial as Mars rules Chiron in Aries and our ability to initiate action has been challenged by insecurity and lack of motivation. Mars in Leo wants to have fun, romance, entertainment, creative pursuits and even casual sex. The Trine is a Transitional aspect that you can move the energy from 3D up to 5D if you use it. In other words, it can be as if there is no hesitation in your motivations and you can effortless pursue your passions.

At 2:01pm Mars at 6:13 Leo Squares Uranus Rx at 6:13 Taurus.

This is accident-prone energy as the revelation pours in and you act too quickly on it. Mars acts before thinking anyway so Uranus’ flash of lightning inspiration and awareness tends to blind him to any safety issues. Awareness, however, changes everything so stay in awareness of the energy and THINK first. So while the morning allowed for easy action, your continued pursuit without thinking can trip you up. Uranus may be bringing in some bizarre desires and you may find yourself very surprised by the fun you are pursuing. Don’t rush the stage of any performers as it could create more than you bargained for. Reign in your motivations so you can respond to the new ideas more effectively.

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