Multi-Dimensional Karmic, Soulful Clarity – Jul 9

Tuesday, Jul 9, EST

On Tuesday the Sun will move into the Saturn Opposition to the North Node aspect. Saturn exacted this Opposition early morning on Jul 4. The Solar Eclipse effect was still strong and likely made it harder to get a real handle on Saturn’s Opposition. But now the Sun is aspecting both Saturn and the North Node today offering clarity to their Opposition.

The Echo of other Lifetimes

At 1:07pm the Sun at 17:13 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 17:13 Capricorn.

It is time to strike a balance of some sort between home/family needs and career/social status requirements. The Sun is providing clarity around how well we are doing in this balancing act. How are we moving forward with the changes that were initiated at the Solar Eclipse? Saturn is going to hold us accountable to keeping in mind that we need a solid public foundation in order to bring home the bacon our family needs.

But Saturn is Conjunct the South Node and has been bringing up some past-life or other-life situations causing us to deeply feel this energy. Family connections are Karmic and here they have a multiple life feel. WHO are your family members that you KNOW you have had Karmic ties to beyond this lifetime?

At 11:37pm the Sun at 17:38 Cancer Conjuncts the North Node at 17:38 Cancer.

It will be hard to discern any real separation in these 2 aspects. The entire day will be Karmic AND Soulful. We will see some of the repeating stories that we have been through before and understand more of how these stories have provided us the experiences our Soul’s requested. With the North Node in Cancer we are choosing some nurturing over discipline, some family time over overtime, some mom over dad choices.

Sit in the clarity and look for the multi-dimensional view that is available today.

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