Mixed, Energetic Day in the Wormhole – Jul 8

Monday, Jul 8, EST

At 2:00am the Moon Ingresses Libra offering intuition around relationships.

At 7:42am Venus at 5:56 Cancer Squares Chiron at 5:56 Aries.

In about 12 hours Chiron will Station Retrograde so Venus is applying on the same degree and minute of Chiron’s Station. Venus offers healing and so there is some assistance here with any insecurity we might be feeling. You can actually initiate some healing touch this morning without some fear. Which is a blessing if Chiron is hitting your Natal Chart hard right now.

At 11:32am Venus at 6:08 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 6:08 Taurus.

Uranus and Chiron have been in tight orb of a Semi-Sextile for the lasts month. They exacted this aspect on Jul 1 at 5:55 Taurus/Aries respectively. The Mars, Mercury and Sun have already passed through this ‘Soul Awareness’ Semi-Sextile from Cancer and now we are reviewing our desires for mom, home, family, land in the light of this ‘Soul Awareness’ aspect. Keep in mind, Uranus is still in orb of a Semi-Square to Neptune as well so there is some irritation with our subconscious mind here, too. But Venus’ aspect to Uranus is offering some revelation and inspiration around new ways to earn some resources for mom, home, family and land or FROM home. Earning a living working at home is a possibility for this month or longer depending on your own chart. Otherwise unexpected philanthropy to the family, bizarre design ideas for the home or ‘crazy mom’ are some other options right now.

At 11:48am the Sun at 16:13 Cancer Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 16:13 Sagittarius.

Clarifying adjustment of nurturing to align with our global/spiritual perspective. Or perhaps you see a senior in your family and know what they need in order to have more fun and adventure in their lives. Some adjustment in the home could facilitate their ability to be more adventurous. This goes for college students, foreigners, pastors and the like. What around the home needs adjustment so we can all be more optimistic and adventurous?

At 6:26pm Mercury Rx at 4:26 Leo Conjuncts Mars at 4:26 Leo.

This is Mercury’s first aspect since changing direction. He ran smack into Mars and he is using more aggressive means of communication in pursuit of fun and romance. Is this target you are pursuing the same one as BEFORE Mercury Stationed Retrograde? Because Mercury rules duality and Mutable Air so you could be off chasing a different target and this will assist you in the reviewing and revising phase of his Rx cycle. There can be fiery words that initiate fun, entertainment, romance or creativity. Activities with children are also possible.

At 7:39pm Chiron at 5:56 Aries Stations Retrograde.

If you are turning 50 this year, you are likely in your Chiron Return and the first pass of Transiting Chiron Conjunct your Natal Chiron has brought the worst, now you will be reviewing how your insecurity or lack of motivation has created the fatal flaw in your character. Its your wounding. For all of us, though, Chiron will be reviewing the insecurity we have been feeling and in Rx mode the effect should be lessened a bit so we can understand it better.

At 8:01pm the Moon reaches 10:38 Libra and Squares the Jul 2 Solar Eclipse degree at 10:38 Cancer.

You could have some insight into your feelings around relationships and the RAPID CHANGE the Solar Eclipse initiated in your life.

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