Mercury Stations Retrograde – Jul 7

Sunday, Jul 7, EST

We are in the middle of the Eclipse Wormhole and the space between the Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Things are happening. We are now 1/3 of the way to the Lunar Eclipse. The story is shaping up except that Mercury could have us rethinking some of it.

At 2:24am (EST) Mercury at 4:26 Leo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 4:26 Cancer.

A minor, but productive, aspect between romantic expressions and ideas and nurturing touch. Helpful for activities with children and creativity or fun. It is likely the fun will take place at home.

At 1:15pm Mars at 3:40 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:40 Pisces.

Our motivations for fun, romance, casual sex and children has to adjust to some subconscious fear in order to create the ease. Men are on the pursuit and acting quite romantically but it is not likely to be about commitment so there may be some adjustment here to simply enjoy the moment.

At 7:14pm Mercury at 4:28 Leo Stations Retrograde.

Until Jul 31 when Mercury Stations Direct at 23:57 Cancer we will be reviewing and revising our words, thoughts and plans around romance and fun as well as home and family. Its 3 weeks of chaos in the 3D world, but not really anything in 5D. Mercury is our lens to view the physical world and in 3D aspect he IS Separation Consciousness. But if you stay in your Higher Mind energies, you can surf the physical challenges by knowing what the truth is: we are ALL connected and separation is an illusion.

Chiron is slowing down in preparation for his Retrograde Station that exacts on Jul 8 at 5:56 Aries.

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