Boomerang Finger of God – Jul 5

We are between the 2 Eclipses in this Eclipse cycle. You may have noticed how things have been speeding up to bring us through the changes Eclipses initiate. If we watch the Moon’s movement between now and the Lunar Eclipse at 24:04 Capricorn on Jul 16, we can intuit some of what is going to be Eclipsed out of our lives at that time. The 2 weeks between the Solar and Lunar Eclipses is the typical ‘2-weeks notice’ for changing jobs, etc.

Friday, Jul 5

At 6:32am Venus at 2:13 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Mars at 2:13 Leo.

A minor but productive aspect between guys just wanting to have fun and women just wanting to stay home. Or this could be an internal struggle within yourself. It may cause you to bring your fun home and involve the children and your mom. Mars in Leo is quick, fun casual encounters and Venus is desiring some sense of security, but the Semi-Sextile can help us make this contrast of energies work productively.

Venus Semi-Sextiles Mars in the middle of a Boomerang Finger of God pouring into Psyche.

The Moon Ingressed Leo late Jul 3 and is going to be rolling through a Boomerang Finger of God early Friday morning (EST). Looking at the chart for the Venus aspect to Mars, you will see the Moon at 19+ degrees Leo. The Moon is Quincunx Saturn Rx, Neptune Rx and Pluto Rx and Opposing Psyche. The energy of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto pours into the Moon in Leo causing us to adjust our sense of fun and romance with our subconscious fears and those who are authority figures or who may be financing the fun. But the Moon Boomerangs the energy into Psyche which is the true receiver of this adjustment energy. Psyche is our Soul Mind and in Uranus he is looking at the ways groups of people and the social network function. He may be asking you if that ‘selfie’ is really beneficial to your circle of friends. And will any authority type involved in your career view this in the proper light? Or he could be suggesting that you use more universal creative avenues to pursue your fun. Being in the limelight might be what the Moon wants, but Psyche is suggesting that you be authentic as well as mindful of some group-think.

Its fast-moving energy, but you CAN feel it if you tune in.

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