Gratitude in Soul Awareness – Jun 27

Thursday, Jun 27, pm

As Uranus applies to a Semi-Sextile with Chiron that exacts at 1:31am on Saturday, the Sun is aspecting both of them within a few hours today. It will bring some clarity and Soul Awareness.

At 1:45pm the Sun at 5:47 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 5:47 Taurus.

There is some clarity around shaking up our own resources and goals with mom, home, family and land. We are likely to change some plans or something unexpected helps us to have what we need to continue with our goals to be with family. We have some awareness around the ways we nurture and care for those we love.

Gratitude is 5D Soul Awareness – Neo Cortex Brain

At 4:00pm the Sun at 5:53 Cancer Squares Chiron at 5:53 Aries.

In such a short time with the Sun meeting both Uranus and Chiron together we can have some Soul (Chiron) Awareness (Uranus) come through. The Sun will be seeing it all through the lens of family and mom. Can you see how WHO is your family has served the purpose to help you have this human experience that you chose? Can you see that you are with the perfect family to help you satisfy your goals for this experience? When you can see this, you can move into gratitude no matter how challenging family issues have been or are for you. Gratitude IS Soul Awareness.

Now go back to playing in the energies with your newfound awareness. Nothing to stress about here.

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets on Friday but the Sun and Moon and closing the gap as we near the Jul 2 Solar Eclipse at 10:38 Cancer. Do you see what is coming yet? If not, a Reading may be helpful to know what Planets or Points it is hitting in your chart.

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