Higher-Minded Soulfulness – Jun 24/25

On Monday and Tuesday 2 Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter and Uranus) aspect the North Node at the same degree and minute. Jupiter and Uranus are just barely out of orb (3 degrees) of a Ses-Square to each other as they make these aspects as Jupiter is Retrograde.

Monday, Jun 24, pm

At 2:28pm (EST) Jupiter Rx at 17:43 Sagittarius Quincunx the North Node at 17:43 Cancer.

Here our spiritual philosophy or big picture, global perspective needs to adjust to the Soulful energies of Cancer which rules nurturing, mothering and protecting. Jupiter is optimistic and trusts all those foreign things that seem to challenge us when we are cocooning in the home and staying within the confines of our secure hometown environment. Jupiter rules big cities and far-away, foreign places. We venture into Jupiter areas when we seek a vacation or need to experience the rest of the world. But there is certainly an adjustment between these 2 energies that needs to be addressed today. Though you have been working on the issue for a few weeks now.

At 10:45pm the Moon Ingresses Aries.

Tuesday, Jun 25

At 9:10am Uranus at 5:43 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 17:43 Cancer.

On the other hand, Uranus is providing magical energy to our desires to cocoon at home and with family. He is providing us with revelation and inspiration on the ways to beautify the home or to bring in more assets to do so. But Uranus also desires freedom, but here it is within the confines of what the family needs. It will be effortless to make some needed changes today on the home front and with our family relations. In fact, whatever change you make will feel like ‘just the right thing.’ You may embrace some crazy or bizarre luxury items or bring some of your social network into your home as a way of bringing new family awareness into your life. You could find out that you ARE part of a foreign ethnicity that you hadn’t expected and this could have you bringing new acquaintances into the family circle.

At 7:48pm the Moon reaches 10:38 Aries Squaring the Jul 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse degree.

You may have some intuition to take some action that will show you what is shaping up at the Eclipse of Jul 2.

At 9:34pm Venus at 20:44 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 5:44 Taurus.

This is Part 2 of Venus moving through the Uranus Semi-Square Neptune energy that has been with us for months. From the Sign of Gemini we will be voicing our changed subconscious desires tonight and it may even surprise how what we are valuing lately that isn’t our old norm. The ‘Class Reunion’ could be bringing up some changes that we want to make now that we have reviewed our life’s path since Graduation. Do we want to do something new to earn a living? Are we tired of simply acquiring money and worrying about money and now we would like to be more philanthropic? Or do something that is beneficial to large groups of people? Does what we do for a living inspire us? Tonight we may set some unexpected new plans around how we earn a living.

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