Venus Runs the Gauntlet – Jun 23/24

Over the next 24 hours Venus will run a Gauntlet of aspects to 3 Outer Planets and Chiron and the North Node. Through these aspects and 2 more between Tues and Thurs, we will get a look at our plans for making money, being more attractive, acquiring transportation and neighborhood activities.

The Sun went through these same aspects from Jun 8-11 bringing clarity around all Gemini areas of life: siblings, neighbors, classmates, cars, transportation, local community and all forms of communication. Now Venus shows us our values and desires in these areas.

Sunday, Jun 23

At 9:56am Venus at 17:42 Gemini Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 17:42 Cancer.

A female cousin may remind you of how necessary it is to be involved with family as well as the local community. You can see how reaching out and talking to those in your local area helps to fortify your family relationships. Class Reunions are in the planning or ready to be attended and you will want to visit family when you return to your hometown for the Reunion.

At 12:37pm Venus at 17:50 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 5:50 Aries.

Any low self-esteem you might have been feeling or insecurity is effortlessly moved through today. Its as if these idiosyncrasies we all have can actually make us more attractive for the moment. Any introductions or re-introductions with classmates, siblings, cousins and neighbors are very warm.

At 12:45pm Venus at 17:51 Gemini Opposes Jupiter Rx at 17:51 Sagittarius.

Here is where your chatty, rumor-minded side meets up with someone who has no room for small talk or stories told at someone expense. This senior person, foreigner, pastor, guru, etc. will try to elevate your conversation to something that benefits rather than stirs up old wounds and hurts. If you are worried about your looks, this person could put it all in a different perspective for you and leave you feeling optimistic about any progress you are making or planning.

At 10:32pm Venus at 18:20 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx at 18:20 Capricorn.

When the question of what you do for a living comes up, you will want to adjust yourself to provide a more thoughtful and serious answer. Maybe its a former teacher or the Principal himself that is hoping to see some success story from you, so you try to put the best spin on it that’s possible by adjusting what you include in your story.

Monday, Jun 24

At 5:58am Venus at 18:44 Gemini Squares Neptune Rx at 18:44 Pisces.

Here someone might see through any bullshit you have been laying down and you realize you had some fear about revealing your ‘net worth’ as you maybe didn’t feel as successful as others you have been talking to. You realize that you don’t really have to measure yourself to others as you just need to be happy with yourself.

Venus will continue to Semi-Square Uranus on Tuesday morning and Quincunx Pluto Rx on Thursday morning.

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