Jupiter Rx Square Neptune – Jun 16

Sunday, June 16

At 7:43am (EST) Mercury at 18:43 Cancer Trines Neptune at 18:43 Pisces.

A very nice ease between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. Mercury is elevated to see deeply into things and there is no subconscious fear to hold us back. We are initiating expression of our feelings around family, our land, our emotional roots and mom. We are making plans to do more for our family as we try to balance home and career.

At 8:02am Mercury at 18:44 Cancer Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 18:44 Sagittarius.

Without missing a beat of space between these 2 aspects, Mercury is making some adjustment to our optimism for our plans and what we are planning. Mercury needs to align his plans with our new spiritual philosophy. He needs to broaden his scope of family in order to fit in with Jupiter’s global view.

At 10:00am Mercury at 18:51 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 18:51 Capricorn.

Here Mercury’s plans for family is viewed in contrast to our career plans. How ARE we balancing home and career, mom and dad, nurturing and discipline? That is what we are viewing as Mercury strikes his balance to response-able Saturn.

At 11:21am Jupiter Rx at 18:43 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 18:43 Pisces.

If you have decided to better manage your drinking, drugging or other escapist behaviors, it is because of these Squares between Jupiter or Neptune. If you are noticing that you are doing more escaping, then you have yet to utilize the opportunity to create subconscious markers to keep you from over-indulging. Jupiter and Neptune in aspect determine how you are dealing with addiction and the related health issues. Both Planets are in the Signs they rule and so their energy is truest to form. Use your higher consciousness to keep you from falling into Neptune’s void. Ways to manage this energy is part of what Jupiter wants to help you with right now. There will be one more Square to test your ability to keep yourself in check. The Square makes this rather difficult for various Signs depending on the Houses where you have these 2 Planets Transiting in your own chart.

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