Venus in Soul Awareness – Jun 13

At 4:41am (EST) on Thursday Venus at 5:14 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 5:14 Taurus.

Some unexpected, though productive, desires that could just pop right into your mind. You could find yourself touching someone that you wouldn’t have before. Offering them some comfort or more. You could have ideas you want to put into writing. They could be creative, beautiful and offer you new ways to make a bit of money or to help out in your neighborhood. Your values to acquire for yourself are changing as Uranus in Taurus is touching off more philanthropy. You may express your ideas in the social network or to a group of classmates, neighbors or siblings.

At 1:10pm Venus at 5:40 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 5:40 Aries.

Uranus is in orb of a Semi-Sextile to Chiron at the moment, too. So any revelation you are receiving could be quite Soulful. Chiron is bringing in the Soulful part of these aspects from Venus. Chiron in Aries can be inability to initiate action or to assert yourself out of insecurity. Venus in our conscious mind (Gemini ruled by Mercury) is bringing some very deep energy into her local values. Uranus wants universal objectives around resources and Chiron wants everyone to feel the pain of being afraid of the groups Uranus so represents. Chiron in Aries is separating the self from the collective. But Venus is the perfect bridge as she offers some healing touch to the equation.

So whatever crazy or bizarre ideas Uranus has to change things up, Venus is going to help each of us be able to get on board more easily. At least for today;)

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