Communicating Clarity & Desires – Jun 8/9

Saturday, June 8, pm

At 8:39pm (EST) the Sun at 17:56 Gemini Semi-Sextiled the North Node at 17:56 Cancer.

A minor aspect of clarity around communications and ideas with family or feelings for a local community situation. You can set goals to communicate more with family. You can see how to relate more with family.

At 9:37pm Venus Ingressed Gemini.

For the next month our desires will be more about ideas and communication. We may express our desires more easily. We will want to chit chat about things. We can express our values and what we find beautiful as well as make plans to earn the objects that we desired as Venus Transited Taurus.

Sunday, June 9

At 11:07am Venus at 0:41 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 18:41 Pisces.

Magical, effortless ability to deeply express our desires to someone such as siblings, neighbors and classmates. We can reach out to someone as well without any resistance. Our words and touch will bring about magical results.

At 1:48pm Venus at 0:49 Gemini Semi-Squares Mars at 15:49 Cancer.

There could be a slight irritation here around our loving words and our actions within the family. Though Venus is still in the magical glow of Neptune and Mars is applying to Trine Neptune on Friday. So this aspect may well go unnoticed.

At 3:34pm the Sun at 18:41 Gemini Squares Neptune at 18:41 Pisces.

Subconscious clarity that may not sit as well. We may not like what we see today, but it will clarify some of what Neptune has been dissolving in our lives where we have 18+ Pisces in our charts. The Sun shines through Neptune’s fog and reveals to us what he is up to. You will be better able to set realistic goals around transportation, community plans, vehicle issues and anything you need to communicate to someone.

The Sun continues to bring clear communications as the Sun aspects Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus from Monday morning to Tuesday morning.

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