New Moon in Gemini – Jun 2-4

Sunday, Jun 2

At 11:41pm (EST) Venus at 22:48 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 22:48 Capricorn.

Its doesn’t get much nicer than this. A Trine is a Transitional aspect you can ride from 3D into 5D. There is nothing stopping you but your own reaction to the energies. Easy money, easy intimacy, easy touch, etc. Venus is in her own Sign and knows what she wants. This ease with her benefactor or intimate partner, who has been a bear from time-to-time, means that touch and sharing of self and money is a green light. Women and men are getting along. Or your own desires are working easily with your sense of power and career goals. Use it!

Monday, Jun 3

At 6:02am the Moon at 12:34 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 12:34 Gemini creating the New Moon in Gemini.

New Moon at 12:34 Gemini at 6:02am June 3, 2019

This is the one-month out from the Solar Eclipse on Jul 2. Things can begin to rapid fall into place with this New Moon exacting. At the Full Moon on Jun 17 we will be in the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’. Being a Solar Eclipse it is some kind of ‘Fresh Start’. Monday is a Fresh Start in Gemini. Graduations from early childhood learning, Gemini’s area (K-12) is wrapping up. We are making local plans for summer. Or even vacation plans as Gemini is across the axis of ‘Travel’.

If you are waiting for a contract to be signed, or some sort of money to come through, Gemini rules these things. All forms of communication and computer stuff is highlighted. Look to the House where you have 12+ Gemini to see what else is in store for you. It is an ANNUAL Fresh Start in this area of your life.

Likely you are talking to siblings and cousins about the Family Reunion that is up ahead once the Sun Ingresses Cancer creating the Summer Solstice and then the Solar Eclipse. Cancer/Capricorn are angular Houses where Eclipses make BIG changes. A Reading may be helpful over the next few weeks so you can roll more easily through the changes.

Tuesday, Jun 4

At 6:49am the Sun at 13:33 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 19:33 Capricorn.

This aspect was in orb at the New Moon and the Moon crossed through it with a few hours of the New Moon on Monday morning. It doesn’t get much easier than this to discuss and/or set new career goals. To sign on the dotted line with any contracts and agreements to move you need to move in. Saturn is holding you response-able to creating new foundations to support your success for the next 28+ years. Today’s clarity (Sun) in your conscious mind (Gemini) will get you set up (Saturn) for eventual changes and success (of course taking into account other Major Transits in your own chart).

The year ahead is all about being responsible in your career and authority (Saturn in Capricorn) in the face of corruption from other authority-types or money people (Pluto in Capricorn). Its a major lesson for all of us. So take the Venus Trine to Pluto, see where you stand with money and then the clarity of the Sun Biquintile Saturn to know how to move yourself through to success despite any corruption Pluto has been exposing since 2008.

Jupiter in Sagittarius has your back as he helps you decide which leadership philosophies create abundance and support the good of all.

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