Losing Acquisition in Favor of Abundance – Jun 1

Both aspects have already occurred, but in hindsight can be easier to spot;)

At 5:20am (EST) on Saturday Venus at 20:39 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 20:39 Sagittarius.

Our desires and values needed to adjust to our bigger picture, global perspective or spiritual philosophy. “There is no need to worry about your resources, Venus,” says Jupiter, “as the Universe is abundant.” My favorite quote for this is one from the Ancient Chinese:

God gave teeth; He will give bread.

You don’t know where your teeth came from so why worry about where your bread comes from. You may have to adjust your own need for luxury in order to see the infinite abilities of the Universe and relax with whatever is in front of you. It is enough. And, no, this is not a religious statement I am making here, though that should go without saying. “

All religions are a form of MYTHOLOGY which is the storyboard of the Cosmos.–5D Astrology

At 11:45am Mars at 10:38 Cancer.

Now Mars exacts his Conjunction to the Solar Eclipse degree of Jul 2nd. Whatever your motivations and actions at this time point to some of what is in store via the Eclipse. Solar Eclipses are RAPID CHANGE (Eclipse) FRESH START (New Moon) energies. Mars is the first to give us a glimpse of that degree. He is leading the charge of this change.

What are the Stars saying in your Chart?

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