5D/Magical Monday – May 27

There are 2 aspects on Monday and both are 5D/Magical aspects. Mercury and Venus are Personal Planets and Jupiter and Saturn are Transpersonal Planets. Which means the aspects today will be involving another, person or 2. WHO these people are will be shown by the House placements where you have these 4 placements Transiting in your Natal Chart.

At 4:08pm (EST) Mercury at 13:55 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 19:55 Capricorn.

Effortless communication. Magical initiating structures. Our conscious minds are elevated into an effortless energy that can merge our new career objectives into some form of a contract, agreement or idea that will create the results we were shooting for. Or we may be able to draft an agreement with the energy this aspect provides. There is likely someone in authority to help you that is involved with this aspect. They are established, successful and modeling for you just what you need to do.

Mercury began this current cycle with Saturn on Jan 12 at 12:51 Capricorn. Mercury Trined Saturn on May 16 and Ses-Squared Saturn on May 23. He is moving at about 90 minutes per day and already in the Biquintile. Whatever is effortless today may be tied to events that occurred with these other 2 aspects. Mercury in Gemini is in ‘planning mode’ and Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn is reviewing the career or social status structures we have been putting in place since the Solar Eclipse of Jan 5 at 15:26 Capricorn. If you have transportation or computer issues that you needed to put in place, this may be the window of opportunity that you need.

At 5:44pm Venus at 15:12 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 21:12 Sagittarius.

Magical abundance. Effortless healing desires. You are working on ways to acquire resources with Venus in Taurus, but Jupiter wants you to elevate your perspective to take in more than yourself and those closest to you. With this aspect it will be easy to see that your new desires may be desires that others have as well. How can you expand what you are ‘planting’ to make it available to others? Do you values fit in with the values others hold? You may come to realize just how much we are all alike and have the same needs and wants. Offer some of what you have today and see how much you can create in this magical moment. It may be a senior, a foreigner, a grandparent, a mentor or graduate of some sort that is showing you something about your desires today.

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