Mercury, Mars & Uranus – May 22/23

Wednesday, May 22

At 10:46am (EST) Mars at 4:11 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 4:11 Taurus.

A minor, but productive, aspect between our ‘go’ and our unexpected, shocking and surprising revelation. You want to clean the house and you have some surprising inspiration to do so and beautify at the same time. Or you want to initiate some nurturing and you suddenly decide to add in some resources to the family member you are assisting. Or a man suddenly demonstrates some nurturing actions that are totally out of character. You get the idea.

At 8:50pm Mercury at 3:28 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 18:28 Cancer.

Some irritating communication between siblings, cousins or classmates that doesn’t suit your sense of belonging to your emotional roots. Some rumor mill stuff about your family or some ideas you have might not meet with a family member’s approval. Its a minor aspect so likely not too difficult to manage. As Neptune is still Trine the North Node you can tap into your Higher Mind to navigate through this aspect more successfully. Maybe you didn’t get a graduation invite that you were expecting from a family member.

Mercury also makes the next 4 aspects that all occur on Thursday so there is more unfolding to the story you are thinking or speaking about right now.

Thursday, May 23

At 5:05am Mercury at 4:13 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 4:13 Taurus.

This is Part 2 of a 3-way aspect involving Mercury, Mars and Uranus that started on Wednesday morning.

You may wake up with some idea of what you did wrong to warrant the irritating words above. Or you decide to try an entirely different approach to what you were thinking about last night. Unexpected ideas and communication will help you move through these aspects.

At 12:04pm Mercury at 4:51 Gemini Sextiles Mars at 4:51 Cancer.

This is Part 3 of the 3-way aspect.

Now you know exactly what actions to take in order to work things out with that family member. Your words can be nurturing and comforting and create the result you were hoping for.

At 2:04pm Mercury at 5:03 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 5:03 Aries.

Any insecurity you may have felt lately will be worked through by talking to someone you know will understand you. Or you could find that you are the one someone else is turning to. Many a sibling, neighbor, cousin or classmate was having the same problem that you were and you can commiserate together a bit.

At 2:22pm Mercury at 5:05 Gemini Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 20:05 Capricorn.

Now some authority, or father-type, could weigh in on the family/sibling issue you have been working through. Listen reponse-ably to what they have to say and make the necessary adjustment. The family’s ‘reputation’ could be on the line and its best to know how you are been seen from your words and actions.

NOTE: Substitute the ‘players’ in this storyline with the players in your Chart where you have these Planets Transiting by House. Then you will see YOUR storyline unfolding. Mercury is still very close to the Sun but beginning to separate. You may wait for the Sun to clarify any difficulties today holds for you. But best to stay in your Higher Mind energy anyway.

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