Venus & Mars Change Signs – May 14/15

Tuesday, May 14

At 9:58am (EST) Venus at 29:00 Aries Sextiles Mars at 29:00 Gemini.

Both Planets ruling our ‘male/female’ energies (which we each have one of;) are meeting on the Anaretic (critical) degrees of the Signs they are Transiting. On Wednesday, both Planets will Ingress new Signs. But for now there is some important, productive meaning around our desires in Aries and our drive to go places or initiate communication in Gemini. Mars rules Venus in Aries so there is plenty of initiating energies here to pursue our desires. Words is one way to do that or simply taking action. Initiating a rendezvous somewhere with someone you love or desire. Usually called a ‘hook-up’ today. It will likely work out whatever you initiate.

Wednesday, May 15

At 12:50 am Mercury at 16:35 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 22:35 Sagittarius.

If your drive to pursue your passions on Tuesday took you a little down the road than you anticipated, you may be able to thank this aspect with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Your loving words may seal the deal and you wanted to get far away from the mundane reality of things. This is effortless energy around your loving expressing touching someone’s heart and your need for a vacay for a day. If you’re not with the one you ‘love’ right now, then you will be looking at financial plans with a more optimistic perspective. You can easily plan to sign on the dotted line with someone who is a foreigner, mentor, senior, college student, pastor and the like.

At 5:46am Venus Ingresses Taurus.

This is the Sign the lady rules. She is at home and loving all the beautiful things that surround her… including herself! She wants to acquire by her good graces and her good looks. She is planting seeds for a great harvest over the next few months. She knows how to manifest her desires and will be working on that for the next 30 days.

At 9:20pm Mercury at 18:22 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 18:22 Pisces.

A helpful aspect between how we express our love and values or make plans to earn a living and our subconscious mind. Fears are not involved in this so we can plan more appropriately for moving forward. Our garden is starting to sprout some results and we can see how things are shaping up.

Mercury is moving at warp speed these days Transiting 2+ degrees each day as he plans to leapfrog over the Sun next Tuesday (May 21). We will be making all of the aspects on Thurs and Fri so expect to hear about some seeds you have planted.

At 11:09pm Mars Ingresses Cancer.

If you find yourself taking your new love interest home to mom, this will be the reason! Mars now wants to stay home and tend to the hearth. We will be motivated to nurture and join with family. Emotions will be more charged and acted upon. There can be aggression around the home and family that gets the house cleaned or that is like a bull in the parlor so to speak. Mars will be the first Personal Planet to cross over the upcoming Solar Eclipse degree of Jul 2 at 10:38 Cancer. He will cross this degree on Jun 1 so you can get a glimpse of what is ahead at that time. Though your actions will be the way that you will KNOW what is coming.

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