Sun Trine Saturn Rx – May 11

Your Public Reputation IS your ‘brand’
and Saturn makes you do it!

At 5:19am (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 20:25 Taurus Trines Saturn Rx at 20:25 Capricorn.

A very nice, Earthy energy of getting clear about our career goals and ways to acquire the necessary resources to accomplish them. Saturn first crossed this position on Apr 19 so see if anything from that first pass has now been revised as Saturn is Retrograde. Saturn in Capricorn, the Sign he rules, has us initiating new structures for his next cycle of 28+ years. What we are building now and over the next year must be solid enough to see us through this cycle. The Sun in Taurus is helping us to set clear goals for securing resources. We are planting seeds for the future pay-off and to keep our heads afloat over the next year. So seeing how this year will foster the next 28+ years is a part of what is happening.

The Trine is a Transitional aspect which you can ride from 3D into 5D creating some magical or effortless outcome. There are no words here (unless one of these Planets are in your 3rd House or Conjunct Mercury, etc), but rather an ability to see the forest you can grow from the seeds you are planting now. This is easy energy with authority types. You can see what they expect and what they want to help you build. After Dec 2, when Jupiter Ingresses Capricorn, too, we can expect to have some mentors assist us in these new foundations for a career and success in these endeavors.

Jupiter and Pluto are highlighting leadership abilities through the contrast of ‘good and bad’ so that you can get clear about ways to use your authority and power to promote the greatest good. Align your ambitions today with the larger focus of the Outer Planets to bring us through to success. Whatever that may be to you. The Sun in Taurus is helping you to see what you VALUE.

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets on Sunday.

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