Testing Leadership Styles – May 8/9

PM – Wednesday, May 8

At 10:52pm the Sun at 18:13 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 18:13 Pisces.

On Wednesday morning Mercury Semi-Squared Neptune from the 3+ Taurus. Now the Sun is making a productive aspect to Neptune helping us SEE some of what Neptune has been up. Mercury’s Semi-Squared to Neptune heightened some situations with a bit more fear. The Sun will show us what is really going on there in our subconscious mind. What is the condition of our available resources or earned income? Have you been overcoming some fear in order to meet your acquisition goals? What is Neptune dissolving in your life to make room for new ways to earn a living?

At 11:12pm Mercury at 4:26 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 4:26 Aries.

Mercury is fresh from 2 Hard aspects to Neptune and Uranus and now he meets Chiron. Though this aspect is less hard so the words you hear shouldn’t cut so deeply, but rather help you to shape your values around money, resources, beauty and the like. If you have been feeling insecure, this will help you to assert communication with a bit more ease. If you are lacking motivation (Chiron in Aries), you may be able to express it and find ways to manage it better.

Thursday, May 9

At 6:31am Jupiter Rx at 23:06 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto Rx at 23:06 Capricorn.

A minor aspect but it has been a very useful one. We have been reviewing leadership styles and have more insight to add to our new philosophy to seek integrity of our public authority and use of power. We are seeing more of the big picture and can see how current leaders (ourselves may be included here) are violating their own objectives. You can get more work from people with the right treatment of them. Jupiter’s optimism and hope for a better way of doing things is doing its work on Pluto-types to lead them to a more enlightened, higher consciousness way of wielding power. In less than a year, Jupiter will Conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and this new philosophy will be tested.

At 12:56pm Venus at 23:05 Aries Trines Jupiter Rx at 23:05 Sagittarius.

Venus is applying to aspect BOTH Jupiter and Pluto this afternoon. While this aspect is very easy, the Square to Pluto could make it a challenge to feel it and use it.

On May 2, Mercury Trined Jupiter Rx bringing us some expression of our new philosophy. On May 5, Mars Opposed Jupiter Rx showing us some motivations stemming from our optimism and new philosophy. On May 7 the Sun Biquintiled Jupiter providing magical clarity around abundance. Now our desires are working with our new philosophy and optimism and we are able to pursue some desire with a expansive energy at our disposal provided your Pluto entities are not already tripping you up. Its likely that they are.

At 1:20pm Venus at 23:06 Aries Squares Pluto Rx at 23:06 Capricorn.

Your personal desires are meeting a challenge from someone in authority. You want to use your own resources in your own way, but your benefactor may be giving you the snake-eye for trying to do so. Independent women (Venus in Aries) could be stopped by a controlling father-like authority or boss of some sort. But this can work for a man, too. If Pluto is getting the message from Jupiter about leadership styles, this authority-type may realize his heavy-handedness, but likely AFTER the fact. No doubt there is some desire to merge with this aspect, but the challenge is under WHO’S authority? It is not an equal footing that is shown here so be mindful of the energy.

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