Magical, Lucky Day & Mercury in the Higher Mind Semi-Square – May 7&8

Tuesday, May 7 (EST)

At 9:26am Venus at 20:28 Aries Squares Saturn Rx at 20:28 Capricorn.

Even as I write this aspect is exacting. Restricted beauty. Accountable beauty. Accountable values. Restricted assets and resources. We are motivated for beauty, love, touch and acquiring resources, but Saturn says, ‘slow down’ and pay attention to what you are pursuing. Venus, with her refined nature, is able to see the purpose of what Saturn is suggesting and responds appropriately. Though with Venus in Mars she may have acted already before heeding Saturn’s warning. Still the message gets through.

At 9:51pm the Sun at 17:13 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 23:13 Sagittarius.

When these 2 Trine it is usually considered the ‘luckiest day of the year.’ But the Biquintile can make it even better. However, Biquintiles are usually felt the strongest when they are exact one of the Planets or Points in our Natal Charts. Still, the effortless clarity that will be pouring in for you around your available resources, your philosophy of abundance and your optimism will be soooo nice. You may be attracted to hang out with some intellectuals whose ideas inspire your values. Elders, mentors, foreigners and the like are very attractive tonight. See how Jupiter ends the 3D ideas of ‘duality and karma’ and you will get the most out of this aspect. Seeing duality as 2 parts of the same whole is Jupiter’s 5D gift. The Sun allows you to ground this idea into very Earthy, practical terms tonight.

Wednesday, April 8

Collage of human head, molecules and various abstract elements on the subject of modern science, chemistry, physics, human and artificial minds

At 7:41am on Mercury at 3:13 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:13 Pisces.

This morning Mercury will be rolling through the Uranus/Neptune Semi-Square that exacted on May 1 at 3:03 of the respective Signs (Taurus/Pisces). Mercury will be expressing what their Semi-Square was all about. With Mercury in orb to 2 Higher Mind Planets at the same time, it may be unexpected and deep what you hear, say or write today. Or it may well come from a woman or someone you love. But it will be about ways you can acquire things, earned income, your values, beauty, etc. It is likely to reveal some subconscious fear you have had and can now release with the sanitizing words of inspiration that Uranus provides.

At 10:22am Mercury at 3:25 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 3:25 Taurus.

With this aspect occurring in tandem with the above it may not be possible to separate them out. Which is fine. The overall effect will be so beneficial to helping you see new ways to earn a living, new values that you want to adopt or new ideas around beauty and what/who has real value in your life. Mercury is elevated to higher realms of understanding when in contact with a Higher Mind Planet, but now he is smack in the middle of an irritating aspect to 2 of them. Words could sting a bit as they are so unexpected, but they will do their perfect work because they are inspired and coming from a place of knowing.

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