New Moon in Taurus – May 4

At 6:45pm (EST) on Saturday the Moon at 14:11 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 14:11 Taurus creating the New Moon in Taurus.

This is the annual ‘Fresh Start’ in the area of available resources, earned income, beauty, values, desires, touch, Fixed Earth and women. This New Moon is very near a Trine to the Jan 5 Solar Eclipse at 15:26 Capricorn and so may give us a softer, easier look at the major changes that Eclipse has been bringing us. A month ago the Sun was Square to the Eclipse degree and we saw something that showed us what the next 3 months would be about. Now we have easy energy around money that can give us the clarity around what resources, values and desires we need to move into the Eclipse changes.

Taurus is Fixed Earth energy and newly has Uranus Transiting here for the next 7 years roughly. Taurus is the time for planting in preparation for the summer sun to come and grow what we have sown (or winter in the Southern Hemisphere). A bit like Capricorn, there is slow pace to Taurean energy, but the results are worth the wait.

Look to the House where you have 14:11 Taurus to see who will be involved in helping you with the career changes, social status changes, etc. that the Jan 5 Eclipse in Capricorn is bringing your way. You are likely planting seeds for the resources required to move homes, or to be where you need to in order to leverage the career change.

At the time of this New Moon the Sun and Moon are applying to Square Psyche at 14+ Aquarius. As Psyche is a 5D point, the Square can be magical. Psyche in Aquarius is bringing up some Soulful situations around fairness and what is equitable for the collective. Whatever your own needs (as shown in Taurus), keep in mind it should be good for all. Don’t ask for more than your fair share when it comes to your career plans. Be sure you have planted the seeds that support you but also the collective good, too.

Psyche is a applying to a Virgintile aspect with Pluto Rx. This is a mental ideation around HOW to do what is fair and equitable with shared resources and power. So use this energy to keep things in their proper perspective as Jupiter in Sagittarius is showing us.

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