Mercury Lost by Uranus Semi-Square Neptune – May 1

My mind has been racing (Mercury Sextile Mars, maybe) and I missed posting this in advance. But look back and see if you can detect these aspects. As I was sound asleep here in EST, I don’t recall much of this lower mind (Mercury) energy. But I DO have Uranus Semi-Square my Gemini Ascendant (18:06) today and exacting to a Semi-Square to Neptune who is exacting a Square to my Ascendant. Energy is too deep to manifest in simple communication;)

At 2:37am (EST) on Wednesday Mercury at 20:22 Aries Sextiles Mars at 20:22 Gemini.

A minor aspect that could have some you or some male initiating some communication or some action. Or you may simply have had some ideas that you wanted to act on.

At 3:52am Mercury at 20:27 Aries Squared the North Node at 20:27 Cancer.

If you words or actions were not nurturing you may have been challenged with a stern look or folded arms as any mother might respond.

At 4:50am Mercury at 20:31 Aries Squared Saturn Rx at 20:31 Capricorn.

Now Dad or some authority-type may have jumped into the conversation and chastised you for acting only on your own behalf. Or you might have heard something around a career matter that has forced you to keep family and home in the balance of your measure of personal success.

At 5:26am Mars at 20:31 Gemini Semi-Sextiled the North Node at 20:26 Cancer.

Now your actions to communicate or drive around your community seems to support your needs at home.

At 8:17am Mars at 20:31 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx at 20:31 Capricorn.

You may have an authority type who wasn’t crazy about your motivation to communicate or get behind the wheel for no real apparent reason in their mine. But you adjusted yourself accordingly.

At 10:53pm Uranus at 3:03 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:03 Gemini.

This aspect has been in orb for a few months… again! Now we are getting the final message for years to come in a Semi-Square. Uranus and Neptune are deep revelation coming from a place that is bigger than just ourselves. As it is aspecting all of us at once, it is awakening something that we collectively need to deal with but it maybe very personal in the way it is received. Look to the Houses where you these 2 Planets Transiting to see WHO is involved in this energy with you.

For example, Neptune is finally leaving my 10th House of career and public reputation by Rising Sign for a few months as he will Retrograde back to my 10th House again. It has been quite a great feeling to have him out of the 10th and idealizing my 11th House of hopes, wishes and dreams, ruled by Uranus. Uranus is newly Transiting my 12th House by Rising Sign, which is ruled by Neptune. So I have these 2 Planets in Mutual Reception across 2 Houses. Uranus is in my 7th House by Sun Sign and Neptune is in my 5th House by Sun Sign. So very interesting shifts in my life over the last week!!

This 2 Planets changing Houses has overwhelmed any Mercury energies as I fall into a deep sleep of big wishes and such. But I’m paying attention to Jun 19th!! As Mercury and Mars Oppose Pluto while Conjunct my Natal Black Moon Lillith!! And on the very degree where Saturn will Conjunct Pluto, along with Mercury and the Sun on Jan 12, 2020.

Stay tuned to this space!!

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