Clarity & Saturn Stations Retrograde – Apr 29

On Monday the Moon is Transiting from 2-14 degrees Pisces (EST). Intuition is deep.

At 2:42am (EST) on Monday the Sun at 8:41 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 8:41 Cancer.

The North Node is on the degree of the Jul 12, 2018 Solar Eclipse so there could be some Soulful flashbacks to that Eclipse cycle. It was a powerful one with Pluto Opposite the Sun and Moon bringing up ‘shadow’ stuff for each of us within relationships. Now the Sun in Taurus is making a 5D/magical aspect to the North Node on that same exact degree and minute! The Sun will be closing that cycle out here following the next Eclipse on Jul 2 at 10:38 Cancer.

For now, whatever angst the Jul 12 Eclipse brought up for you, tonight you may see things very differently. The Sun offers clarity and in Taurus around our beauty, our resources and our values. How does that mesh with the Soulful lessons of Cancer: mom, home, family and land. You will have some magical clarity to help you navigate through the old shadow stuff that Eclipse brought out.

At 5:59am the Sun at 8:49 Taurus Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 23:49 Sagittarius.

More clarity around all Taurus goals we have been planting in the ground: new beauty regimens, new ways to acquire and earn a living, new goals to realize what is of real value to us. Jupiter in Sagittarius is helping us to re-shape our spiritual and global philosophy. Here we have an abundant mindset and are optimistic about the collective good. The Ses-Square says to make an adjustment between these 2 things in order to achieve an ease. Likely you will be less focused on the lower vibration of Taurus that says, ‘mine, mine, mine’ and be more open to seeing the bigger picture and bigger needs.

At 4:08pm Mercury at 17:59 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 17:59 Pisces.

A helpful aspect that offers subconscious support to our conscious world where we are initiating communication and ideas. Whatever comes out will be much deeper than Mercury himself is capable of so heed it.

At 8:54pm Saturn at 20:31 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

Prepare to retrace some steps around the new career goals and initiatives you have been putting into place. You will now have time to recheck all that you have done to ensure there is nothing out of place. Saturn will Retrograde back to 13:55 Capricorn and Station Direct on this degree and minute on Sep 18. It may seem as if your momentum have left you a bit, but it will be just the right thing for getting straight about the next 28+ year cycle that begins with this new career and social status foundation. Your ability to be a ‘breadwinner’ during that time begins NOW with this review.

On Tuesday afternoon Saturn will exact his Opposition to the North Node from the same position that he Stationed Retrograde. There is a powerful message being delivered to you regarding HOW you will build your career by keeping home and family needs intact.

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