Hearing or Speaking About the Jan 5 Eclipse – Apr 28

At 1:45am (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 15:26 Aries Squares the Jan 5 Solar Eclipse at 15:26 Capricorn.

Mars Squared this Eclipse degree on Jan 23 (15:26 Capricorn) which brought about some action to help us fulfill some of the ‘Fresh Start Rapid Change’ a Solar Eclipse promises. Though our actions at that time may have presented us with a challenge to overcome as well.

The Sun Squared it on Apr 5 (exactly 3 months from the Eclipse itself) bringing us some clarity around how we as individuals are challenged by the change mandated by our career choices or social status as the Eclipse was in Capricorn. But we got clear about how we need to balance home and career while also pursuing our own motivations (Aries).

Now that Mercury sits here we can expect to HEAR, WRITE, SPEAK, LISTEN, or THINK about what the changes are bringing us and how to act on the changes yet to be put in place. In Aries we want to assert ourselves to achieve these career goals, social status or power, but the Square also means there is a challenge to overcome as we move closer to wrapping up the Eclipse energy by Jul 2 at the First Eclipse in the next cycle. That is a Solar Eclipse at 10:38 Cancer.

Mercury will express the actions of Mars and the clarity of the Sun as they moved through this aspect. We can expect to begin to put final plans in place to realize the change of that Eclipse.

On Monday, Apr 29, the North Node at 15:26 Cancer will Oppose the Eclipse degree and we are likely to get some further insight at that time as well. This will coincide with a Quintile of the Sun to the North Node too! Lots of insight and clarity will be coming in over the next few days.

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