Mars Biquintile Pluto & Scrutinized Actions – Apr 26/27

Friday, April 26

At 4:21am (EST) Mars at 17:09 Gemini Biquintile Pluto Rx at 23:09 Capricorn.

This is a very nice energy between our motivations to communicate with those whose money we use or who are an authority figure. Showing our passion will allow us to secure some career position or to acquire some social status. Pluto is on the exact degree and minute of his Station and is very potent at the moment. Make use of your drive and determination to get something out of this magical aspect.

Quintiles and Biquintiles are most helpful when you have a Planet or Point in direct contact with one of the Transiting Planets. See how this aspect can help you and who the players are that you may be trying to impress. With Chiron in Aries bringing up lots of insecurities in each of us, Mars is offering a chance here for magic to happen when you initiate communication, new thoughts and ideas and share them with authority-types and financial backers.

For example, my Ascendant is at 18:06 Gemini and Mars is now in tight orb to my Ascendant as he makes the 3 aspects on Friday and Saturday. I’m looking forward to acting on what these Higher-Minded Planets are doing in my chart/life. It can be a wild card with Uranus AND Neptune in aspect at the SAME TIME! Oh, and Mars!!

Saturday, April 27

At 3:23am on Saturday Mars at 17:47 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 2:47 Taurus.

Early on Saturday Mars is moving through the Semi-Square that Uranus and Neptune have been forming over the last year. Our actions will show us a bit of what these 2 Higher- Minded Planets have been bringing up from our collective unconscious (subconscious). The energy will be shown through our actions and the way we assert ourselves. Both Uranus and Neptune are out of their Shadows from their previous Retrograde cycles so there is a newness to whatever they are doing right now.

Uranus will exact a Semi-Square to Neptune on May 1 so they are applying right now and Mars is showing us that aspect in the way he asserts himself.

Mars and Uranus can create ‘accidents’ when Mars gets Uranus’ unexpected revelation and he tries to act on it immediately. A Semi-Square is less of a physical accident as maybe a ‘social accident’. Mars wants to initiate communication and Uranus is going to trip him up somehow. Uranus rules the social network and in Taurus even Uranus wants more refined behavior than Mars in Gemini might want to offer. So there is the rub of the Semi-Square. Cousins, siblings or classmates may be put-off by the way you initiate communication or what you say. Your words and actions can be shocking and expose things they were not expecting to hear about.

Watch your driving though Mars is still in orb of his magic with Pluto so you should be okay with authority types. Mars is nearing a Quincunx with Saturn (May 1 at 20:31) so if you have Planets or Points near 17-20 degrees of Gemini/Capricorn be more mindful.

At 9:03am Mars at 17:56 Gemini Squares Neptune at 17:56 Pisces.

Here our actions will come from a hidden place we are not even aware of. Or our communications may be confusing to those in our local neighborhood, classmates, siblings and cousins. Or we could be on the receiving end of this communication. It could bring up a fear you were not aware of and now you have to SEE it as you or another acts on that fear.

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