Shake-Up of Resources & Values – Apr 21/22

At 1:55am (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 5:09 Aries Quintiled Pluto at 23:09 Capricorn.

This could have been some effortless communication that you initiated with someone else around other peoples’ money (taxes, debts, loans, child support, inheritance) or career and authority issues. Or your actions may have spoken for themselves.

At 6:19pm the Sun at 1:31 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus at 1:13 Aries.

Venus rules the Sun in Taurus so there is plenty of healing, beauty, desires to acquire here. We can SEE ways to earn a living with the Sun in Taurus and set new goals. We are just starting to understand our new desires as Venus is newly Ingressed in Aries where we initiate new beginnings. This aspect is minor, but productive in showing us something about our available resources and our values.

At 1:48am on Monday Mars at 14:28 Gemini Biquintiles Saturn at 20:28 Capricorn.

This is effortless and magical energy between our ‘stop’ (Saturn) and our ‘go’ (Mars). Mars is motivated to circulated in his community, drive faster and speak aggressively. Saturn is helping us to channel (aka restrict) our career focus to one area in order to build our career with a solid foundation. Somehow your strong initiative to talk to going to help you sell yourself in some career or public status direction.

But it is even better than just this as Venus is forming a Quintile to both Saturn on Monday and then Mars on Tuesday. So she is forming a Hand of Merlin between them. Venus is currently ruled by Mars so initiating is going to be the way to succeed over these 2 days.

At 1:14pm Venus at 2:28 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 20:28 Capricorn.

Now we will get a sense of how our values will help us secure some new career goals or how our diplomatic (Venus) actions (Mars/Aries) can bring the matter at hand to a successful conclusion. You may be acting in new ways as you realize your desires have been changed following Venus’ sojourn through Pisces. But it will be just the right measure, or mean, to magically succeed with your bread-winning objectives.

At 2:03pm Venus at 2:31 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 2:31 Taurus.

In another 5 hours the Sun will exact a Conjunction to Uranus and Venus is rolling through a Semi-Sextile to them both. Changed desires is what we get when Venus and Uranus meet. Or new ways to earn a living; changes to our beauty and what we find beautiful; new ways to pursue our desires and revelation around how to acquire our desires.

At 7:07pm the Sun at 2:32 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 2:32 Taurus.

Now we will see the HOW, WHY and WHAT of our changed desires. We will see clearly what we need in order to move forward to earn a living, acquire an asset, plant a garden, heal around love and beauty or create new ways to doing all these things.

Uranus is just 2 minutes from his Retrograde Station on Aug 7, 2018 at 2:34 Taurus. Whatever we are getting clear about today may go back to last summer as Uranus sat for several weeks at 2+ Taurus. How have your values changed since then? What is different about the way you earn a living? Has your available resources been shook up? Is there some epiphany in what happened then that you can see now?

With Uranus in Taurus now to stay for another 7 years we should expect some major changes in available resources to occur. Changes in the way you earn a living. Changes to who and what you desire. Philanthropy will become a ‘value’ when you consider what all you may have stockpiled that could be used for a greater good. Let Uranus shake up this area of your life!

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