Mercury in Soul Awareness & Full Moon in Libra – Apr 18/19

Thursday, April 18 (EST):

At 10:16pm on Thursday Mercury at 2:18 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 2:18 Taurus.

A minor, but productive, aspect between initiating communication and ideas and revelations about resources, beauty, values and touch. Uranus was last at 2:18 Taurus on Jul 13 and Sep 2, 2018. There could be some connection to changes made at that time. But you may have noticed how excitable communications have become since Mercury Ingresses Aries. Now you can add Uranus to the mix and it can be pretty shocking and crazy… for a few hours anyway. Mercury is already in orb of his Conjunction to Chiron so that could stifle his words a bit and cause him to be less assertive than he would be otherwise. Look for the revelation. It is likely to come bursting out and that could cause you some pain from Chiron.

Friday, April 19:

At 12:27am on Friday Mercury at 2:25 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 20:25 Capricorn.

This is an effortless energy between our excitable communications and our initiatives for furthering our careers. You could hear from someone about the progress you are making with Saturn in Capricorn. Which Houses are involved for you? That is who you will be speaking to or hearing from. Your actions today will help you ‘seal the deal’ in some area of life where these 2 Planets are Transiting at the moment.

At 7:12am the Moon at 29:07 Libra Opposes the Sun at 29:07 Aries creating the Full Moon in Libra.

An emotional peak around self and others. How do you feel about your personal goals (Sun in Aries) versus you in relationship to others (Moon in Libra)? These 2 Luminaries are Opposing each other on the Anaretic (critical) degree of the 2 Signs. It may only amp the peak as we grapple with what to do just as the Moon slips into Scorpio shortly after. Open enemies can be a part of the picture if you are seeing through some 3D at the moment. In 5D you will recognize the polarity of yourself and use the insight to keep things balanced within you.

The Full occurs following the New Moon in Aries beginning again at this Full Moon. So whatever relationships you were looking at during the New Moon are now reaching some culminating point where you may decide one way or another about someone or something.

At 8:41am the Moon Ingresses Scorpio.

Here the peak of the Full Moon moves us into intimate feelings so that things should get settled through merging.

At 7:47pm Mercury at 3:28 Aries Conjunct Chiron at 3:28 Aries.

Now the way we assert ourselves in word or deed could create some pain for ourselves or another. We may be hesitant to speak even though we have extended the hand and that could be the trip-up here. We all get to feel ‘insecurity’ for a moment and it is not an easy thing to deal with. So be thankful for the chance to experience this wounding so you can better understand others who have this wounding in their Natal Charts. It could be that you have no energy and just decide to go to bed early. Chiron in Aries can make any activity feel very hard to do.

Mercury received the revelation from Uranus but tonight it might all seem hard to apply. Try to choose healing words.

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