Mercury Ingresses Aries – Apr 17

At 2:01am (EST) on Wednesday Mercury Ingresses Aries.

Its about time if you ask me;) But it will be good to have our conscious mind kicking off the new annual cycle of ideas and communication. Mercury was Retrograde in Pisces and ended things at a very deep level. Will they leave our lives for the next year? Do we just view things differently now? We won’t really know the extent of what was dissolved in Pisces until we get a handle on what happens once Mercury ‘births’ himself again at the very first degree of the Zodiac. We will be initiating conversations, acting on ideas in a more aggressive manner than we have for the last few months.

Mercury in Aries = Aggressive speech. Initiating ideas. Acting and speaking at the same time. Speaking a mile a minute with great urgency.

The Sun has led the way through Aries and will Ingress Taurus at 4:55am on Saturday morning (Apr 20). The Sun showed us some new things we might be doing, but now Mercury will begin to bring these goals into our conscious reality.

Venus Ingresses Aries at 12:10am on Apr 20 just ahead of the Sun’s Ingression into Taurus. By the time this weekend is over we are likely to be moving in a direction we couldn’t really anticipate so easily.

Of the Personal Planets, Mars is leading the charge up ahead in Gemini. He rules Aries and so rules the Sun, Mercury and Venus as they Transit his Sign. Due to his last Retrograde cycle, Mars has not been in Gemini for over 2 years.

The location and order of Transit of the Personal Planets reveals many interesting aspects as to the order of our reality of things. Mars is initiating transportation, communication and local community things while our goals, conscious mind and desires are just starting to get onto solid ground in Aries. But Aries is not really a Sign of ‘conscious’ reality. It is a Sign that shows us what is occurring as we ACT and MOVE in certain direction.

With Mercury in Aries and Mars in Gemini, these 2 Planets will be in Mutual Reception and that will provide some powerful impetus to see where things need to move… FINALLY!

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