Making Cancer/Capricorn Personal – Apr 9/10

At 1:38pm (EST) on Tuesday Venus at 16:46 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 1:46 Taurus.

Over the last year Uranus in Taurus Semi-Squared Neptune 2 times: 1) Jun 16, 2018 at 1:30 Taurus and 16:30 Pisces just 2 days before Neptune Stationed Retrograde on the same degree and minute; 2) Dec 19 at 28:49 Aries and 13:49 Pisces.

Over the last 24 hours or so Venus has moved through the degree of their first Semi-Square and some of your desires may have been about what was occurring last June. Or may not. But some subconscious revelation is available as Venus moves ahead to Semi-Square Uranus early Wednesday morning.

At 4:05pm Mercury at 22:07 Pisces Trines the North Node at 22:07 Cancer.

Some deep, easy, Soulful communication that may be hidden from view. You likely will want to keep it private as Cancer is security-conscious. What happens in the family, stays in the family. But you can see something about any fears you have that you have worked through on Mercury’s Retrograde and are now aligning without the fear. Talk of family. Talk of Karma. Talk of Soulful connections.

The North Node is exactly Conjunct my Black Moon Lillith for this aspect and with Pluto recently Opposed my BML I’m watching closely to see how these aspects affect such a point.

At 2:13am on Wednesday Venus at 17:24 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 17:24 Pisces.

Outside of the orb of the Semi-Squares with Uranus, Neptune is in new territory beginning to confuse, dissolve and morph new areas of your life. May be the same House still but new reaches are in his sights. Venus has moved through his Semi-Squares with Uranus and now aligning with Neptune’s continuing work. These 2 in Conjunction can bring up uneasiness around touch, beauty, values and resources but you have had the revelation from Uranus to assist you a bit. Venus rules Uranus in Taurus so the first Semi-Square of Uranus to Neptune dealt with touch, beauty, values and resources.

At 4:47am the Sun at 20:12 Aries Squares Saturn at 20:12 Capricorn.

The Sun is continuing to Square the Planets and Nodes of Fate that are Transiting Cancer/Capricorn axis. Now the Sun gets some hard clarity around Karmic issues with family and career, mom and dad, land and social status, nurturing and discipline. The Sun is mapping out of new motivations to assist us with our Cancer/Capricorn areas of life. Today we can feel some restriction, but it is for our own good. Saturn restricts so that we focus on ONE THING at a time in order to build a foundation for the next 28+ year cycle. The Sun is showing us actions to take, but Saturn is warning to slow down a bit.

From here the Sun moves through a Square to the Jul 12, 2018 Solar Eclipse at 20:44 Cancer. There may be more clarity around how that Eclipse changed your life and how you are moving forward to manage all those changes.

At 1:01pm Jupiter at 24:21 Sagittarius Stations Retrograde.

We had ALL the Planets Direct since Uranus Stationed Direct on Jan 6. Now Jupiter begins the Retrograde cycles occurring this month: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Jupiter will be having us review legal matters, spiritual philosophy, global perspective and our higher consciousness approach to things. We will retrace his steps back to 14:30 Sagittarius when he will Station Direct on Aug 12. You may have noticed the increase in spiritual or legal solutions applied to situations. Jupiter has been Semi-Sextile Pluto helping us to evaluate leadership styles to see which style fits our new spiritual philosophy. This will continue over the next few months.

At 5:45pm Mercury at 23:07 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 23:07 Capricorn.

Mercury is also moving through aspects to the Cancer/Capricorn Planets and the Nodes of Fate but from easier and more productive aspects than the Squares the Sun is making at the moment.

Here we have revised our plans and can productively work with our Pluto entities to move them forward. Shared resources is more transparent and above board.

At 6:42pm Mars at 7:03 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 22:03 Cancer.

Our motivations to text and drive may get a Soulful nudge to consider the family without you in it;) Or you could find you are doing too much with classmates when your family needs you. Not a major aspect but one that will cause you to consider your actions and motivations to do more for the family today.

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