Mars in Gemini, Restricted Beauty & some Magic – Mar 29-31

Pluto is nearing his exact Opposition to the North Node on Apr 4 at 3:18pm. Have you figured out what transformation is going to be played out? Have you found yourself working through an issue that is doing a total 180 degree flip on what it first looked like? Great! Go with the transformation. Humility may be just the ticket to flipping the situation around.

At 2:16pm (EST) on Friday Mars at 29:01 Taurus Quintiled Neptune at 17:01 Pisces.

Nice, effortless motivation to touch or acquire what you need. The subconscious is working magically to support your actions. Neptune is in new territory now and will be bringing up some new areas to dissolve and/or dream about.

At 3:02pm on Saturday Venus at 4:47 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 19:47 Capricorn.

A bit of irritation between our subconscious desires and our career goals and foundations we are putting into place. Money could be tight as we feel restricted and focused on doing things slowly and methodically. You could feel less beautiful today and even thinking that aging is a real thing. Yes, Saturn can age the part of your body where he is Transiting at present so be mindful that your fears could be seen in the mirror;) Or you might be afraid you won’t get that promotion. That kind of thing. See and let it go the best you can.

At 2:12am on Sunday Mars Ingresses Gemini.

Now we will take action to communicate! Our actions and expressions are likely to be more aggressive and we won’t hesitate to initiate communication. Road rage is a thing with this aspect. So is texting and driving so mind your actions for the time being. Male siblings and cousins could suddenly be reaching out to you. Or former classmates.

At 7:22pm on Sunday Venus at 6:12 Pisces Quintiles Jupiter at 24:12 Sagittarius.

This is a wonderful aspect for aligning our knowing mind and our values with our new spiritual philosophy. If you have found yourself around more spiritual-minded people of late, you will find yourself fitting in and able to join forces with them. Women will predominate and be as mentors. There support may be just the thing you need right now to restore some faith in the Universe!

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