Global Desires & Motivations – Mar 21

At 4:07am (EST) on Thursday Venus at 23:25 Aquarius Squares Mars at 23:25 Taurus.

This can be a hard, Karmic type of aspect between the sexes or between your own motivations and desires. Venus in Aquarius desires socializing with groups and the social network. Mars in Taurus is ruled by Venus and desires touch and personal acquisition. Mars is personally motivated at moment and Venus is in a Higher-Mind energy seeking universal desires. Herein lies the rub, but it won’t last long if at all.

This is the 1st aspect is a 3-way with Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

At 10:16am (EST) on Thursday Venus at 23:44 Aquarius Sextiles Jupiter at 23:44 Sagittarius.

As the 2nd aspect in the 3-way, this is a productive aspect between the 2 Healing Planets in 2 Higher-Mind (Sagittarius and Aquarius). Jupiter is helping us to shape a new spiritual/global philosophy and Venus in Aquarius is love of the group and universal good for all. We will experience some good fortune this morning that furthers our perspectives.

At 11:47am the Sun at 0:44 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 0:44 Taurus.

With new goals shaping up with the Sun Ingressed in Aries Sign where we initiate our new actions, we have revelations that inspire us to love and share resources with others as well. Or you may simply want to act on some new beauty treatment or styles.

At 3:43pm Mars at 23:44 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter at 23:44 Sagittarius.

Now our motivations for love, touch and acquisition must adjust to our new spiritual/global philosophy. Do our own wants and needs keep us from seeing the bigger picture? Do we believe we will always have what we need and so having more than that may be a waste of energy?

At 10:21pm Venus at 24:20 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 24:20 Cancer.

Here Venus takes her desires to a Soulful level. She needs to adjust her universal ideals and values across her sense of family. What about land ownership? Cancer rules the land and Venus rules ownership. But Aquarius energy would suggest that ‘use’ of the land might be more feasible than ownership. Or embracing our unusual family members is called for. You get the idea. Challenge your values so that everyone is cared for like family.

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