Pluto Reaches Point of Conjunction with Saturn in Jan 2020 – Mar 15/16

At 7:50am (EST) on Friday Venus at 16:25 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 1:25 Aries.

Here we have some wounding and healing around insecurity or not fitting in. Venus offers assistance from the social network if you are feeling insecure or Venus Square Chiron can make you feel a bit of a mis-fit within groups of people. Touch someone who is feeling either of these things and you will be using the higher energy of this aspect. Your desire to socialize may be cut short when this aspect occurs.

At 9:11am Venus at 16:29 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 16:29 Pisces.

By the time this aspect exacts you may become aware of a subconscious fear that you can now release if you do reach out and touch. You may be feeling odd or attracted to the unusual and Neptune here can give the go-ahead to seek your desires that may be new to you.

At 1:41pm the Sun at 24:51 Pisces Trines the North Node at 24:51 Cancer.

Mercury Rx Trined the North Node on Thursday morning just one minute from this aspect (24:50) so now we are likely to see the real message behind words spoken at that time. The Sun can make those words feel real and allow your goals to be set to realize these goals. Something to do with family and our collective unconscious gets real today. Any fears around the Karmic side of family, mom, land and home will enjoy an ease from your subconscious mind.

At 7:16pm Mercury Rx at 23:20 Pisces Squares Jupiter at 23:20 Sagittarius.

The Sun exacted this aspect to Jupiter on Wednesday night at 23:11 of both Signs. So there is a very close connection to what we saw then and what gets expressed tonight. Something to do with your new spiritual philosophy and your sense of knowing and faith. But the Square could have you speaking more than you may should have, but at least you will express all that you have been mulling over here. Jupiter is still Semi-Sextile to Pluto so you are likely expressing something about your new philosophy of leadership styles. You have new ideas here that you can speak about tonight.

At 5:00am on Saturday Pluto reaches 22:47 Capricorn the exact degree and minute of Saturn’s Conjunction to Pluto on Jan 12, 2020.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto at 22:47 on Jan 12, 2020

If you are aware of Pluto’s Transit in your chart you may be able to detect a bit of what the future Conjunction with Saturn may be about. On Apr 25 Pluto will Station Retrograde at 23:09 Capricorn and pass 22:47 on or near degree and minute again near Jun 4. He will return to this position as he and Saturn begin a new cycle on Jan 12, 2020. As Saturn is approaching Pluto now, the intensity of their upcoming Conjunction is building. Integrity is Pluto’s highest vibration. Reponse-able authority is Saturn’s highest public vibration. As Saturn is a Karmic Planet in Karmic relationships, Saturn’s highest vibration is deep, intimate bonding. Pluto’s would be transparency and merging. If you have some issue building between now and Apr 30 as Saturn reaches his nearest orb to Pluto for now and Stations Retrograde at 20:31 (within a 3 degree orb of Pluto), it may be an issue that will be with you over the next year as they meet again and create a new cycle. ‘

22+ Capricorn is the degree of China’s Natal Jupiter. Capricorn is the US’s 7th House of partnerships and open enemies. Jupiter is global. Saturn is authority or dominance and restriction. Pluto is transformation. Though ALL 7th House placements are merely MIRRORS of the self. Will we see a bit of how the US has been perceived over the years play out towards us?

Integrity needs to be brought to circles of authority.

NOTE: Later on Saturday the Sun will cross 26:12 Pisces where the Sun was at the 7th Square of Uranus to Pluto on Mar 16, 2015. You may have some memories come up that show how we have been transformed by those Squares since then.

At 9:08am Mercury Rx at 22:47 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 22:47 Capricorn.

It may be fortuitous that Mercury aspects Pluto as he sits on the exact position of his Saturn Conjunction. Today you may hear something that expresses what may be in store over the next year or more. Mercury has moved through the energies of Jupiter’s Semi-Sextile to Pluto and you may be expressing something of how our political, corporate or governmental systems need to be transformed to better serve our higher consciousness.

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