Subconscious Clarity & Expression at the Inferior Conjunction – Mar 13/14

At 10:29am (EST) on Wednesday the Sun at 22:44 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 22:44 Capricorn.

This is a helpful aspect allowing us to see how we are responding subconsciously to anyone who has some ‘authority’ over us. Pluto in Capricorn is really working on each of us to take back our personal sovereignty and to not submit to authority that is less than we would want. The Sun in Pisces is giving us a glimpse into how our collective unconscious plays a role in helping us manage these ‘powers that be’ of Capricorn authority: fathers, banks, corporations, political circles and the like. Today you can understand what has been going on and how to extricate yourself from any unhealthy situations.

At 9:29pm the Sun at 23:11 Pisces Squares Jupiter at 23:11 Sagittarius.

By evening we are seeing how our own use of power may not sit right with our philosophical or spiritual perspective. What has been hidden from us may come to light right now and it might be less hopeful than we had expected. But we are able to set goals that will move us in the right direction.

At 5:19am on Thursday Mercury Retrograde at 24:50 Pisces Trines the North Node at 24:50 Cancer.

On Feb 26, Mercury Trined while Direct at 25:58 of their respective Signs. Today there could be some changes to what was expressed at that time. The Trine is a Transitional aspect that you can ride from 3D to 5D if you work it. Mercury in Pisces is in a Higher-Minded state and the NN is Soulful so these words can be quite powerful though easy and perhaps even effortless is you take the energy up to the 5D realm. Mercury is already in a tight orb to this Inferior Conjunction to the Sun, see below, so what gets expressed is also accurate to our reality, real-time, as shown by the Sun.

At 6:02am Mars at 18:48 Taurus Trines Saturn at 18:48 Capricorn.

This a very Earthy, easy aspect between our ‘go’ (Mars) and our ‘stop’ (Saturn) energies. As Saturn is Opposite my Natal Mars right now I am thankful for this reprieve! Mars in Taurus is a motivation to touch, acquire, beautify and find value. Saturn is holding us accountable to the methodical way he is initiating new career and social status structures in our lives to take us through the next 28 year cycle. Mars is firing up our earned income area of life while Saturn is saying ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ But this aspect has them working harmoniously on behalf of our future public and career structures. Make hay while you can;)

On Mar 20 Mars will Trine Pluto at 22:51 Taurus/Capricorn respectively. Mars is nearing a very tight orb to Pluto right now and this means we are feeling the effects of Saturn Conjunct Pluto though they will not exact until Jan 2020. There is a deeper, underlying need for integrity in the ways you build your new career structures. So may attention to your motivations/actions around money and career over this next week to glean some insight into Saturn’s Conjunction to Pluto.

At 9:47pm the Sun at 24:11 Pisces Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 24:11 Pisces creating their Inferior Conjunction.

Here we have the ‘seeding’ of ideas and goals as the Sun and Mercury begin another 165-day cycle together. With Mercury Retrograde, our reviews are in place to better align with our reality as shown by the Sun. What gets expressed and seen today will be the seeding of something we will work to manifest over the next 165 days. As they meet in Pisces we are looking at some subconscious aspect of our reality and our conscious world. How can we better use our subconscious knowing to shape what we are planning right now? Can we rise above our fears so that we are not self-sabotaging? Can we trust in the benevolence of the Universe to make new plans that are achieveable? That brings up some deep thoughts that we should examine with the Sun’s clarity assisting us in doing so.

From this point Mercury will retrace (in reverse) the Sun’s recent aspects and vice versa. But take note of words spoken on Thursday!

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