Motivation to Touch or Acquire – Mar 9-11

At 2:10am (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 18:25 Pisces Sextiled Saturn at 18:25 Capricorn.

This aspect exacted several hours ago as I write this. The Sun brings clarity and the Sun in Pisces brings subconscious clarity. This clarity is working productively with Saturn’s objectives in Capricorn. Saturn is in his own Sign right now so career matters are operating as straight-forward as possible, however, Saturn is narrowing his gap with Pluto which is distorting some of Saturn’s usual energies. But this aspect showed us something about how we ‘see’ our career goals working us for us. We can constructively use our subconscious to manifest Saturn’s goals.

At 5:51am on Sunday Mars at 16:07 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 1:07 Aries.

Some insecurity is bound to pop up here with both sexes (Mars and Taurus’s ruler, Venus). You may find yourself wanting to touch someone, but they aren’t having it. Or you could find yourself feeling insecure and needing someone’s affirming touch and it doesn’t happen. Get familiar with occasional insecurity as Chiron will be in Aries for several more years and it will happen from time-to-time. Those born in 1969-1972 or so will be experiencing their Chiron Return this year (or last or next) and can tell you great deal about insecurity. If it is not about ‘touch’ then this action could be centered around acquiring resources and your actions come across as desperate to someone else. Recognize any wounding around ‘lack.’

I did a Reading for someone entering their Chiron Return in a few months and she told me that a ‘psychic’ told her she would meet her ‘Twin Soul’ this year. It could be, but it is less about the ‘Soulful Awareness’ of your ‘Twin Soul’ and more about SEEING our Soul’s wounding that has given us this unique life experience over a series of 9 lifetimes. But a ‘Twin Soul’ would be the perfect ‘mirror’ to offer up that deep wounding pain. You may find someone in your life this year that will fulfill that role for you whether you are in your Chiron Return or not. Look to the House where you have 1-6 Aries to see WHO that person/s might be by House placement. Or schedule a Reading to prepare yourself for how to navigate this pain.

At 12:20pm on Sunday Mars at 16:18 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 16:18 Pisces.

A helpful aspect following on the heels of any insecurity you were feeling earlier. Now you have the subconscious backing to make your move to achieve more success in your objectives. The insecurity is fading and being replaced by some subconscious ‘knowing’ that our actions will hit their mark.

At 12:31pm on Monday Mars at 16:58 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter at 22:58 Sagittarius.

Effortless actions that apply our new spiritual philosophy create some magical results. Are you in need of money or some resource? It could come from a mentor, grandparent or some area of speculation you have previously engaged in. Acting on your motivations for love will be well received. Or another may approach you expressing their love sentiments or philosophy. With Jupiter involved, this is an aspect involving you and another.

At 4:10pm Mercury Rx at 27:03 Pisces Semi-Squares Venus at 12:03 Aquarius.

While the actions were effortless a few hours ago, now the words may not come across as you had hoped. Stick to the actions as the words here could be irritating. Mercury was last at this degree around Mar 1 so something may come up again that you made plans for or communicated at that time. Venus is a woman bringing some change or a change to your desires which could irritate your plans. But Mercury is Retrograde so expect some outer confused expressions right now. Follow your Higher Mind Planets for real guidance of the times.

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets on Tuesday.

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