Soulful & Subconscious Desires – Mar 2

At 12:55am (EST) on Saturday Venus at 0:39 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 0:39 Aries.

Venus offers healing to any insecurity you may experience here. Take time to reach out and touch someone who needs it. If you’re out and about socializing, its a great time to notice someone who IS feeling insecure and offer them some support. Or you may find that groups could alienate someone in particular and you could reach out to them to help them deal with any wounding pain. Or if you notice someone in need, you may find yourself offering material support as well.

At 7:50am Venus at 0:59 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 15:59 Pisces.

By morning you could feel a bit of remorse around earlier events, but that is just Neptune showing you where you still have some fear. Try to recognize it and release it. This is a classic ‘coyote ugly’ aspect if you take that insecure person home and it sours by morning;) Just see what there is to see and move through it. Touch is NOT to be feared unless you are in a 3D mindset. You might feel the energy of fear, but once you do all you need to do is let it go.

There are no further aspects made between the Transiting Planets until Tuesday, March 5 when Mercury’s Retrograde Station occurs. He is slowing down in preparation but as he Stations he will Quintile Saturn and Semi-Sextile Uranus so that is pretty great support!

Enjoy the weekend! Regardless of the above 2 aspects;)

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