Unexpected Desires – Feb 27-Mar 1

At 9:33pm (EST) on Wednesday night the Sun at 9:13 Pisces Sextiles Mars at 9:13 Taurus.

Mars in Taurus can be stubborness and if you have been feeling that at all lately you can expect some clarifying revelation around why that is. Mars is motivated to acquire and earn a living. The Sun in Aquarius is self-awareness and goals-setting around groups, philanthropy and freedom for all. The Sextile makes it productive energy to see what is driving you at the moment.

At 7:32am on Friday Venus at 29:47 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 29:47 Aries.

Some unexpected desires can surprise you. The Square here can make it a challenge when you see what you are desiring. It is likely not your usual thing. But if you allow the revelation to come through, you may find yourself getting out of a rut and longing for something new. Unexpected actions that seem to challenge your social status could be on tap, but it may be just what you needed to see.

At 11:45am Venus Ingresses Aquarius.

For the next 30 days or so we can have more unexpected desires surface as Venus wades through Aquarius, the Sign Uranus rules. Or we may find our values changing around the way we earn a living or what our desires are. Venus is going to be changing things up. Depending on the House where you have Aquarius in your chart will show you what you might be changing during this Transit.

At 5:17pm the Sun at 11:02 Pisces Ses-Squares the North Node at 26:02 Cancer.

The subconscious clarity we get today will necessitate an adjustment but bring about an ease. The family issues that have been a major focus since Nov 6 when the North Node Ingressed Cancer. You will see clearly how to adjust some deep-seated fears around these areas of life.

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