Jupiter & Pluto – Feb 22/23

At 3:40pm (EST) on Friday Mercury at 21:07 Pisces Squares Jupiter at 21:07 Sagittarius.

Over-the-top communication. Too many words that may say something or not. Or you could find that Mercury is elevated enough by the Higher Mind energies to hit the target on any subconscious fears limiting your new spiritual philosophy or big picture perspective.

At 10:52pm Venus at 22:17 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 22:17 Capricorn.

Desires to merge and share money or sex seems to be on tap. Or you may find that someone offers to back your new career goals or beauty project. This begins a new cycle between these 2 Planets and ends the cycle from last year. How are you new career objectives supporting your ability to earn a living? How are your intense desires challenging your path forward? What new financial cycles are beginning right now?

At 10:59am on Saturday Mars at 6:13 Taurus Ses-Squares Jupiter at 21:13 Sagittarius.

Your motivation to touch someone or to get close to them may need to be adjusted to your philosophy to create an ease. How does our motivations to be beautiful challenge our higher consciousness? Mars in Taurus can be bullheaded as well so the adjustment may not come that easily though Jupiter will show him the way and all will work out.

Mars is leading the pack of Personal Planets through the Signs and our motivations are operating without the benefit of clarity and our thoughts and ideas. So your actions, to move or stay rooted in place (as Mars in Taurus can do so stubbornly), are not likely anticipated.

At 12:17pm Mercury at 22:18 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 22:18 Capricorn.

Some productive subconscious expressions that help us to soothe any angst from a Pluto entity. Our words will smooth things over with an authority or father-like figure. We can secure that financial backing that Venus Conjunct Pluto offered and sign on the line.

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