Rolling Finger of Merlin – Feb 21

At 5:55pm (EST) on Wednesday the Sun at 2:01 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 17:01 Capricorn.

A bit of irritation as we see some subconscious ‘block’ to our success in our areas of career, authority, use of power and social status. Use the clarity to move through the energy by letting go of any fear. Yes, Saturn restricts, but it keeps you focused on achieving success in concrete terms. If you have been avoiding doing something, that may be what irritates you when you see it.

At 12:46am on Thursday the Sun at 2:18 Pisces Biquintiles the North Node at 26:18 Cancer.

This is Part 1 of a rolling Finger of Merlin in effect all of Thursday between the Sun, North Node and Jupiter. Jupiter Biquintiled the North Node on Monday and now you may be seeing some of what this aspect brought to the table.

Magical subconscious clarity around family matters, mom, home/hometown, land and nurturing. What you see today may be very helpful in imagining new ways to approach these areas of life. Look to the Houses where you have the Sun and North Node Transiting through your Natal Chart to see how you might see someone else could feel like family even though not in the physical sense.

At 5:15pm the Sun at 2:59 Pisces Quintiles Jupiter at 20:59 Sagittarius.

This aspect brings magical good fortune and optimism that all is well and we are in the right place at the right time. Embracing the big picture or a new spiritual philosophy is effortless. We can see how our interconnected-ness is a blessing in disguise. Listening to our Higher Minds allows us to accept all that is in front of us without judgment. Just go with the flow because the flow knows where to go;)

At 8:44pm Venus at 21:01 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 21:01 Sagittarius.

Our desires for social status or career goals is working productively with our spiritual philosophy. We are benevolent today regarding our money and our use of power. We know what we value and it is fitting into our big picture plans.

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